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Muay Thai Champion Claire Haigh

Muay Thai Champion Claire HaighMuay Thai World champion Claire Haigh defeats fellow Muay Thai fighter Angela Rivera-Parr in an Australian MMA bout over the weekend.

Australian MMA made history over the weekend as Muay Thai Champion Claire Haigh defeated Angela Rivera-Parr in the main event at Cage Wars 2 in Brisbane, Australia.

Haigh, who just recently won the WPMF World Muay Thai title on August 12, went back and forth with Parr in the first round, landing a good shot which took Parr to the mat.

Muay Thai Champion Claire Haigh

In the second round, Haigh was able to take Parr down and gained mount, eventually taking Parr’s back for the rear naked choke and the victory at the 2:20 mark.

You can watch the fight here:

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