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Muay Thai Fights, WCK @ Victorville

Muay Thai Fights, WCK @ Victorville
Muay Thai Fights, WCK @ Victorville

It’s time to rock n’ roll…. thanks for the support…hope to see you there…WCKMy name is Debi Purcell, I am a Mixed Martial Arts fighter under Marco Ruas and hostess of a new web site,
We are a resource for female fighters and NHB/MMA event promoters. We are doing what we can to help our end of the sport grow by trying to be a comprehensive source of information for all parties, including fans and sponsors.

Muay Thai Fights, WCK @ Victorville

We hope that we will continue to push the boundaries of the sport and make it a viable option for women, as well.. I am extending the invitation to have any female fighters you may have to fill out their profile on the site,They can do it directly from the site.

Also for promoters or academies to post news or upcoming events with females in them.,We are currently working on our own clothing line that will include women’s fight and training wear, as well of talking to other distributors about selling videos from our site. We have gotten a positive response from everyone that has heard about or seen what we are doing and would love to have your support as well.
Much Thanks,
Debi Purcell

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