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Muscle & Fitness Feature Gina Carano

Muscle & Fitness Feature Gina Carano
Muscle & Fitness Feature Gina Carano

Muscle & Fitness Feature Gina Carano Check out video from the Muscle and Fitness Magazine photo shoot with Gina Carano. The upcoming issue of the total body health publication, which features a hard-hitting pictorial of Carano, is expected on news stands June 1. And, of course, don’t miss Gina when she squares off against Kaitlin Young on the CBS Television Network debut of EliteXC, May 31 live at 9 p.m.

Muscle & Fitness Feature Gina Carano

Picture from CBS Media Day in Studio City, CA this past Monday, May 19th.

In the world of mixed martial arts nobody can dispute the attraction of the visible “face” of female MMA, the lovely, Gina Carano. Fans and the general public have embraced former Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Glen Carano’s daughter as the “next big thing” in sports entertainment.

The July issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine features 9-pages of Carano revealing the very human side of a true warrior spirit. Shown with her training partners Scott Bieri (OTM Fight Shop Las Vegas) and Master Chan (Muy Thai Master), Carano is depicted as a tough-as-nails competitor, a fighter-first.

“I’d like to be known as a fighter first, and then a woman or celebrity (aka American Gladiator’s Crush),” states Carano. “Life is so short and I’d like to live the example that any woman can achieve anything she wants. Whatever the vehicle, be it dance or throwing punches, what matters most is the mindset of the warrior or dedicated spirit to the cause at hand. Every woman [or man] has a sense of what they can do. I am a firm believer in opening the door to unleash that core energy.”

Carano’s recent CBS victory over Kaitlin Young secures her spot as undefeated MMA powerhouse in the female division of the fastest growing sport in the world [of MMA]. She may throw a knee, an elbow or a clean left hook, but Gina Carano is an anomaly in the business who attracts sponsors, agents and management that juggles pure reverie in addition to strategic planning to grow her career in both sport and entertainment.

Anyone who has met Carano understands that she represents the epitome of female charisma and understates her role in molding future fight goddesses. When asked about her role as mentor to others, a modest Carano responds that it isn’t her behavior that should inspire others but seeing her live her belief that anyone can achieve their goals that will make the impact. It’s 90% mental, you see?

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