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NAGA Milwaukee 5/30/09

Jane O’MalleyAnother great turnout and well run NAGA tournament took place this past weekend. Our focus was on ring #1 where all of the new female faces on the scene were waiting to compete. Most of the matches showed a lot of drive and competitiveness which will carry on to future events. There were many shapes and sizes competing and provided competition for each weight class of girls. One match between Wisconsin’s Jane O’Malley and another woman named Beth they both worked on getting into a clinch but once in Jane quickly moved to the back of Beth but was not able to get the hooks in. She kept Beth‘s back and both went to the ground and with 30 seconds left on the clock, Jane worked her hooks in and attempted a rear naked choke which was let go due to the bell. I’m excited to see all of these competitors grow and improve their skills in the BJJ World. We got a chance to speak with Kristen Lee-with Core Combat Sports from Rockford IL. She was rocking the new purple fighter girl shorts during her matches! I think I might have to get a pair now. Although she got second place, she showed great effort and skill for it being her first tournament. We wish her the best in her training. I hope to see more female grapplers out there in the future and hopefully see more of those who have been around for a while to keep on going and give some blue to black belts something to work for! Let’s keep the competition going girls!

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