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Bantamweight Title Holder Sarah Kaufman

Sarah Kaufman MMA fighterSarah Kaufman, cornered by her coach Adam Zugec of Zugec Ultimate Martial Arts in Victoria, Canada, captured the women’s bantamweight title at Hardcore Championship Fighting’s “Title Wave” in Calgary Alberta on Friday October the 19th.

Sarah Kaufman MMA Fighter

In one of the two title fights on the evening’s card and touted later by many as the “fight of the night”, Kaufman defeated Josh Barnett’s Ginele Marquez in dominating style at the 2:33 mark of the second round with referee stoppage due to strikes (TKO).

About Sarah Kaufman female fighter

Kaufman brought an impressive and superior game to the ring with relentless standup ability and equally impressive ground skills. Marques fought with heart but couldn’t stand against the unyielding strikes Kaufman dealt out.

Attempting to bring the game to the mat, likely hoping for some relief from strikes and to test her opponent’s ground game, Marquez found Kaufman to be well prepared for that aspect as well.

Sarah Kaufman mixed martial arts fighter

When asked her thoughts on the level of difficulty, Kaufman said it was a tough fight and Marquez brought a lot of skill, experience, and heart into the match, nothing to be taken lightly. Kaufman stated that it was a match where a lot of things just worked right and played to my favour.

Sarah Kaufman fighter and coaching fight team

Coach Adam Zugec said going into the fight he was by far the more nervous and stressed of the two, post fight photos attest to his pride in his fighter’s accomplishment.

Sarah Kaufman fighter and training

Sarah Kaufman has trained under Adam Zugec for about four years now and works as office manager at ZUMA, , Zugec’s mma training facility in Victoria, British Columbia.

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