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Olympian Sara McMann Where Fighters Fear to Tread

Olympian Sara McMann Where Fighters Fear to Tread
Olympian Sara McMann Where Fighters Fear to Tread

Olympian Sara McMann Where Fighters Fear to Tread After turning to MMA, the Olympic Silver medalist’s Sara McMann reputation brings apprehension to possible opponents.

It has been a huge topic in our forums these past few weeks, as well as on twitter, that Sara McMann has hit a stumbling block coming into the pro ranks.

Olympian Sara McMann Where Fighters Fear to Tread

A silver medalist in freestyle wrestling at the Olympics in 2004, her reputation as a world class grappler has many promoters scratching their heads.

“It has been very difficult to find opponents,” McMann stated.

“Several seasoned matchmakers have told me that I am the hardest person to find a fight for (men or women). I have been told that people don’t want to fight a wrestler, especially my caliber. I would have thought that a seasoned striker would be more intimidating since they could get knocked out.”

About Olympian Sara McMann

McMann went 2-0 in her amateur career in MMA, and is still trying to make her pro debut. She was scheduled to do so against Mariah Johnson in Iowa Apr. 30, but for some unknown reason Johnson had backed out of he fight.

“I was really disappointed that she broke off all contact days before the fight,” McMann expressed. “It has been challenging to stay motivated when I keep training and cutting weight for fights that keep falling thru.”

During all of this, Strikeforce has sparked interesting in McMann, but needs her to get some experience before they will officially sign her.

The good news is there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

Olympian Sara McMann MMA Fighter

Christina Marks has stepped up to plate and will be facing McMann at the Universal Cage Combat card on May 28 in Lawrenceburg, IN, which is just outside of Cincinnati.

“I didn’t really change my focus for Christina Marks,” McMann explained. “I focus on the areas that I need to improve rather than my opponents. I don’t know anything about her, and that is the way I like it. I train like I am fighting the best so I never get in the ring and feel like I’m not ready. I am hoping that this fight will reveal the areas that I am naturally good at and also the areas that I need to improve.”

There has been many accomplished fighters that were in the same boat as McMann is now, and found opponents willing to step up to test themselves against a world class athlete. McMann hopes that will happen sooner rather than later.

“The time in the cage is a lot different than the training room and I know that each fight will provide a lot of information about my strengths and weaknesses.”

Sara McMann would like to thank her sponsors and trainers: Trent Goodale @ Limestone Wrestling, Jimmy Fowler @ Revolution MMA, Cody Freeland @ Linic MMA, and Conflict Fighting clothing.

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