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My opinion about women’s MMA

My opinion about women’s MMA Most women’s MMA fans want to see good-looking women fight right? It’s a true fact that most men that watch the UFC or any show are watching not really the style or talent of these fighters but how great looking these women fighters are! I agree with most people that Gina Carano was great looking had a great body and some fighting skill that made watching the former Elite XC fun! The UFC now has female fighters on their show and we all know what Dana White has said about female fighters from the past Not going to happen on my show! Dana White now has female fighters and wants to sell more pay per views because that is a big part how the UFC makes its money!

My opinion about women’s MMA
Gina Carano

My opinion about women’s MMA

The female fighters he has on his show are selected in my book on number 1 the looks! Yes I have to agree with most that looks are important for drawing in a crowd and selling tickets and pay per views! Ronda Rousey is a good looking women and fits the part as the women’s UFC champ but I will agree with most that when she talks it does make her stock go down in my book! Maybe this is just her part and maybe that is what the UFC wants? As far as her skill level I would just say if and when she wins it going to be by the arm bar so for all those people that are beating in Las Vegas that is my tip for a sure win!

My opinion about women’s MMA
Cristiane Justino Venâncio

What will happen to women’s MMA when or if Chris Cyborg beats Ronda Rousey? We did see this happen a while back when the world famous Gina Carano lost to Chris Cyborg in the first round knock out in Elite XC. In my book female MMA just lost stock and people turned away from female fighting because of this! These facts can be backed up by both fighters facebook pages and twitter accounts! The fans loved Gina she looked great and was a peoples fan! Gina Carano is still the people’s favorite and I would say if the UFC ever put her on their card the sales would be huge!

My opinion about women’s MMA

One of my favorites is Miesha Tate! I really think she looks great in my preferences she has posted here on the Fighter girls old forum back in her early days and always had nice things to say! She would have made a great champion also but once again I am not the boss for the UFC haha! I really think with some awesome training and working with some huge name training camps Miesha Tate could be the champion for the women’s UFC!

I am not sure how long the UFC will keep Ronda on as their champion? We have to remember that the UFC profits are like a tv channel and that is by rankings! Will people get tired of watching the champion always win or will those rankings start to go down? Lets watch and see what is next for Dana White and the UFC!

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