Paige Zio Amateur MMA Fighter

Paige Zio Amateur MMA Fighter

Paige Zio Amateur MMA Fighter

Paige Zio Amateur MMA Fighter

Paige Zio Amateur MMA Fighter You have to start somewhere in female MMA, and for Paige Zio, she started with a bang. In her first amateur fight at May’s Tuff-n-uff card at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, it only took 36 seconds for “Fierce” to live up to her nickname and take out her opponent. On a recent edition on Blog Talk Radio, Zio stated that at the weigh-ins, she was confident it was going to be a short fight.

About Paige Zio “I knew I was going to dominate before hand,” Zio stated. “Especially when we both got into the ring and I though ‘Yeah I got this one. This is going to be quick.

Paige Zio Amateur MMA Fighter

The U.C.-Berkley graduate trained in tae kwon do and competed on their team in national competitions. She got hooked on Pride Fighting Championship, which soon drove her to try MMA. She took up jiu-jitsu, and currently trains out of the Sheilds-Gracie gym out of Medseto, CA.
When it comes to the science of fight, Zio sees it on a whole other level. Graduating with a degree in physics, she has an interesting way of incorporating what she has learned in college to her training.

“Physics applies to everything. You can use it in the fight game too,” Zio observed. “(It’s) the way I approach things in general. I am very analytical in the things I do, and I break down everything I do. Doing everything in jiu-jitsu or in my stance, and the way I punch, I am pretty much breaking everything down in terms of what’s going on with my body. Transfer of energy; motion; what’s effective or not. I kind of do a (certain) mode of thinking in what I do. I like to think I am using the physics somewhat.”

Paige Zio Amateur MMA Fighter

Zio also have an interesting concept when it comes to making weight.

“I have always been vegetarian,” Zio admits. “I actually decided to do no gluten and no dairy coming up to this fight, and I dropped weight more easily than I ever have before. I’ve been eating plenty of food and I have not been hungry. I eat well – fresh fruits and vegetables, good food, no processed sugar. But I think cutting out the gluten has made a huge difference.”
Zio is set to fight Kiley Martin on the Tuff Girls amateur card at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas this Friday July 10. Tickets are still available.

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