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World Submission Wrestling Championships

World Submission WrestlingWomen’s Absolute Champion- “Queen of Combat Grappling”: Tori Adams Watch for coverage of the Pancrase 2008 World Submission Wrestling Championship on an upcoming episode of Inside MMA.

Division 1: Men’s Beginner, Featherweight, under 140 lbs.
Division 2: Men’s Beginner, Lightweight, 140 – 150 lbs.

World Champion: Louis Hesse (HAMA)
2nd Place: Chasen Finkelstein (HAMA)
3rd Place: Logan Nuss (Grappler’s Edge)
4th Place: Kyle Lemaire

World Champion: Zac Chavez (Submit You)
2nd Place: Jeremiah Drumright Zingano BJJ)
3rd Place: Daniel Friedlander (Jackson’s MA)
4th Place: Tony Stone (Grappler’s Edge)

Division 3: Men’s Beginner, Welterweight, 150 – 165 lbs.
Division 4. Men’s Beginner, Middleweight, 165 – 180 lbs.

World Champion: Jeremiah Record (T’s KO Fight Club)
2nd Place: Kyle Cardona (Easton BJJ)
3rd Place: David Binder (Easton BJJ)
4th Place: Jeron Aragon

World Champion: Devon Rourke (Easton BJJ)
2nd Place: David Tamarchenko (Tri-Town BJJ/Easton BJJ)
3rd Place: Brennan Schafer (Grappler’s Edge)
4th Place: Kevin Schmitt

Division 5: Men’s Beginner, Light Heavyweight, 180 – 200 lbs.
Division 6: Men’s Beginner, Heavyweight, 200 – 220 lbs.

World Champion: Juan Rivera (T’s KO Fight Club)
2nd Place: Troy Hopkin (Sylivo Behring BJJ)
3rd Place: Nicholas Garcia (Submit You)
4th Place: Chris Holland (Gumm BJJ)
World Champion: Aaron Rodgers
2nd Place: James Funny (CO Fight Factory)
3rd Place: Cory Christiansen
4th Place: Tracy Pugh (Infinite MMA)

Division 7: Men’s Beginner, Super Heavyweight, over 220 lbs.
Division 8: Women’s Beginner, Lightweight, under 120 lbs.

World Champion: Mark Phelan (T’s KO Fight Club)
2nd Place: Travis McCarthy (Grappler’s Edge)
3rd Place: Keith Shinsato
4th Place: Larry Sawyer (HAMA)

Combined with Division 17
Division 9: Women’s Beginner, Middleweight, above 120 lbs.
Division 10: Men’s Intermediate, Featherweight, under 140 lbs.

Combined with Division 18
World Champion: Emmanuel Chapman (Team Xtreme)
2nd Place: Carlos Huerta (T’s KO)
3rd Place: Duston Brown (Easton BJJ)
4th Place: Brandon Dill

Division 11: Men’s Intermediate, Lightweight, 140 – 150 lbs.
Division 12: Men’s Intermediate, Welterweight, 150 – 165 lbs.

World Champion: David Clark (Fusboxe)
2nd Place: Robert Tymoczko (Easton BJJ)
3rd Place: Dale Weaver (CO Fight Factory)
4th Place: Mike Esparza (HAMA)
World Champion: Noah Thomas (Infinite MMA/UFC Ultimate Fighter)
2nd Place: Merced Prez-Hall (Pancrase USA)
3rd Place: Vellore Caballero (CO Fight Factory)
4th Place: Taj Ashaheed (Grappler’s Edge)

Division 13: Men’s Intermediate, Middleweight, 165 – 180 lbs.
Division 14: Men’s Intermediate, Light Heavyweight, 180 – 200 lbs.

World Champion: Eric Fagyas (CO Fight Factory)
2nd Place: Nicholas Hopper (Easton BJJ)
3rd Place: Ben De Anda (HAMA)

World Champion: Donnie Liles (CO Fight Factory)
2nd Place: Joel Rexroth (Z’s Gym/Behring BJJ)
3rd Place: Ian Berg (Fusboxe)
4th Place: Josh Cole (Evolution Fight Club)

Division 15: Men’s Intermediate, Heavyweight, 200 – 220 lbs.
Division 16: Men’s Intermediate, Super Heavyweight, over 220 lbs.

Combined with Division 24
Combined with Division 25
Division 17: Women’s Advanced Lightweight, under 120 lbs.
Division 18: Women’s Advanced Middleweight, over 120 lbs.

World Champion: Bahar Shahidi (Grappler’s Edge)
2nd Place: Elizabeth Tron (Easton BJJ)
World Champion: Tori Adams (CO Fight Factory)
2nd Place: Tania Vikki (Grappler’s Edge)
3rd Place: Iseza Gonzales (Core MA)
4th Place: Rita Scheht (HAMA)

Division 19: Men’s Advanced Featherweight, under 140 lbs.
Division 20: Men’s Advanced Lightweight, 140 – 150 lbs.

World Champion: Sergio Castillo (Easton BJJ)
2nd Place: Leo Snow (Grappler’s Edge)
3rd Place: Eric Griego (Jackson’s MA)
4th Place: Blaze Schubert (Rocky Mt. MMA)
World Champion: Ricky Lundell (Grappler’s Edge)
2nd Place: Brian Wood (Next Level Sports)
3rd Place: Arsenio Baca (Jackson’s MA)
4th Place: Eric Bork (Jackson’s MA)

Division 21: Men’s Advanced Welterweight, 150 – 165 lbs.
Division 22: Men’s Advanced Middleweight, 165 – 180 lbs.

World Champion: Keith Wilson (CO Fight Factory)
2nd Place: Chris Raeburn (Grappler’s Edge)
3rd Place: Travis Linsacum (HHF)
4th Place: Andre DeVillier (Gloworms

World Champion: Max Smith (Grappler’s Edge)
2nd Place: Mike Tousignant (Easton BJJ)
3rd Place: Cody Fredrickson (HHF)
4th Place: Teo Alvidrez (Grappler’s Edge)

Division 23: Men’s Advanced Light Heavyweight, 180 – 200 lbs.
Division 24: Men’s Advanced Heavyweight, 200 – 220 lbs.

World Champion: Chilo Gonzales (Tool Shed)
2nd Place: Shane Gross (Grappler’s Edge)
3rd Place: Rocco Aliberti (Grappler’s Edge)
4th Place: Brian Zehler (Z’s Gym/Behring BJJ)
World Champion: Malcom Havens (Grappler’s Edge)
2nd Place: Joseph Montalvo (CO Combat Zone)
3rd Place: Joseph Sigler (Pancrase USA)
4th Place: Luke Hopkin (Sylivo Behring BJJ)

Division 25: Men’s Advanced Super Heavyweight, over 220 lbs.

World Champion: Luis Orozo
2nd Place: Niles Watterson (Grappler’s Edge)
3rd Place: Brandon Ruiz (Grappler’s Edge)
4th Place: Robbie Turner (Grappler’s Edge)

Division 26: Women’s Absolute World Champion Division 27: Men’s Absolute
World Champion
Queen of Combat Grappling: Tori Adams (CO Fight Factory)
King of Combat Grappling: Brandon Ruiz (Grappler’s Edge)
2nd Place: Shane Cross (Grappler’s Edge)
3rd Place: Malcom Havens (Grappler’s Edge)
4th Place: Chaun Sims (Easton BJJ)

*Jose Chavez Memorial Award:
Ozaki Cup Award – Team World Champions:
Recipient: Brandon Ruiz (Grappler’s Edge)

*Awarded to martial artists who exhibit extraordinary warrior spirit and sportsmanship during competition.
1st Place: Grappler’s Edge
2nd Place: Easton Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
3rd Place: Colorado Fight Factory

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