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Patricia Vidonic Fighter Spotlight

Patricia Vidonic Fighter Spotlight
Patricia Vidonic Fighter Spotlight

Patricia Vidonic Fighter Spotlight The cameras are on Patricia Vidonic as she faces stiff competition.

Being shoot on video camera is nothing new to Patricia Vidonic.

After being filmed as apart of the “Ultimate Women’s Challenge” show this past fall, she is currently being profiled by “The Next Great Fighter” website as she gets ready to take on Angelica Brotherton at the Art of Fighting card in Tampa, FL Saturday, which will air on MavTV on Wednesday.

“They are also sponsoring me,” Vidonic stated. “I am grateful to have them in my corner and they have always taken great care of me. I am very excited about that.”

Patricia Vidonic Fighter Spotlight

Vidonic talked to us on “Sportsgeeks” about her life on camera. Although details couldn’t be disclosed about the “Ultimate Women’s Challenge”, which has yet to announce an air date; Vidonic admitted that the taping was beneficial.

“It was a really cool experience,” Vidonic told us. “It was great having contact with that many professional female fighters at once, and have the opportunity to go to the gym and train with them. It was a good experience.”

Off camera, Vidonic and her coach just started their own gym with a fellow boxing trainer in Farmington, NM called Punchers Boxing Club. She is hoping to be a positive influence on her students.

“I want to be a role model for everyone,” Vidonic commented. “It’s great (for all people) to come in and see how hard we work. It makes them want to strive hard and have a good work effort when it comes to anything.”

Little is known to Vidonic about her opponent Brotherton, but she is going to use her skills to adapt and gain a victory.

“It is just like any fight. If you are not too sure about an opponent, you get in there and you work. I got a good game plan”

After he fight with Brotherton, Vidonic is also planning on fighting on the April 15 in Clovis, NM.

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