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PREVIEW BELLATOR 34 WOMEN’S 115LB. CHAMPIONSHIP Fighter girls breaks down the match between #1 ranked Megumi Fujii and #5 ranked Zoila Frasuto as they head into Thursday’s finals in Hollywood, FL.

Bellator’s 115lb. women’s championship will feature the classic grappler vs. striker match-up. The grappler being undefeated Megumi “Mega Megu” Fujii (22-0, 18 submissions) of Japan. The striker is Zoila “Warrior Princess” Frausto (9-1, 1 KO)from Madera, Ca but now trains out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Both made weight with Fujii weighing in at 113.5 pounds, while Frasuto weighed in at 114.5 pounds at the Hollywood, FL weigh-ins.


It should be noted that no MMA fighter, man or woman, has gone 22-0 before. Fujii did so and put herself in the record books with 1st round armbar submission of Lisa Ward in the semi-final fight at Bellator 31 in Lake Charles, La. on September 30th.

Besides the classic match-up of styles, the different scenarios that could play out regardless of who wins makes this fight a very interesting one. Should Megumi win (as many are expecting), one has to wonder what competition she would be left to face to defend her title. There are plenty of talented 115lb. fighters, but none seem to be at the level Fujii has displayed. It is a possibility that Bellator would ask Megumi to move up in weight to defend her title. Personally, I believe she should be given the opportunity to defend her title in the weight class she won in.

If Zoila should win, it is almost certain she will move up to 125lbs. and she has stated as much according to a recent interview with Bellator’s CEO Bjorn Rebney. Moving up in weight would probably only benefit Frausto has she has struggled to make weight at 115. She looked lathargic against Jessica Pene in the quarter-final match at Bellator 25. After a foot injury, she had 6 weeks to make weight for the semi-final fight against Jessica “JAG” Aguilar. She was only able to cut to 116 after 3 attempts at the weigh-ins. She tweeted she had already gone back up to 136lbs. on fight day and her body looked much smoother than it did against Pene. She also seemed to tire by the middle of the 2nd round which opened up opportunites for Aguilar. Frausto will have had only 4 weeks to cut 21 pounds to make the required 115 weight for the championship fight.

The final scenario is also the most difficult. It’s been reported Bellator is losing money and there is a strong possibility they could fold after the finals on Oct. 28th in Hollywood, Fl. In a report from Fortune Magazine, Bellator’s majority shareholder is being investigated by the FBI for fraud, and that could scare off potential new investors. CEO Bjorn Rebney is still planning ahead for a next season, and hopefully he can secure the financial backing to continue. They have put on a great women’s tourney (and men’s as well) and it would be nice to see the winner be given the chance to defend her title. Even if it is at a different weight class.

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