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Princesses of Pain Looking For Fighters

Princesses of PainThe female fight league Princesses of Pain (POP) is currently taking applications from female fighters to compete in it’s next event/TV series. After a successful competition which seen America go head to head with Australasia there is no doubt the world wants to see more of the women who fight.

Congratulations to both teams as the series came to an exciting conclusion and gave us amazing and dramatic footage to launch our future. Since then POP has gained a high end executive/agent whom is about to present the
league and its TV series to interested networks.

There is no doubt the league is about to take off.

Event 17 (May 31st 2008) the goal was to include the women of America in what had been an Australasian league, now we are going to challenge our new team mates by asking them to take on the world. There has been nothing but positive/excited feedback to every-one whom has heard this concept and speculation over the outcome has already started.

So if you are a female fighter whom would like to compete please e-mail me a full bio which must include Name, fight history, photo, country you wish to represent, where we will need to fly you from and fill out the questionnaire.
Also needed Passport details including passport number, where it was issued and date of issue, correct spelling as it is in the passport, and date of birth.

To be a part of this event and be on the main card you must be prepared to spend two weeks in New Zealand filming the series and fight at its completion. You must be at least 18 years of age with a preference to those above 20.

You will live in a house with your team mates for the duration of the time you are here and will train daily with your team coach. You will have extensive filming schedules and will be required to participate in numerous extra actives. We take fighters at all levels beginner to elite but you must have an extensive training history which can be proven before consideration. You will need to pass an extensive medical both before you are accepted and again before you fight.

Undercard fighters will need to submit the same information but will be required for a lesser period of time.

It is our aim to make this a world wide league and to include as many women fighters as possible. This event has limited numbers and we are now turning away a huge amount of competitors every time we run something…….but hang in there ladies we are growing and events will become more frequent.

To give yourself the best chance of acceptance take some time on your bio and the questionnaire.

Cut off date: Sept 18th 2008

America VS The World is targeted at Jan 2009 but until our Executive concludes negotiations with the networks we are unable to make that
solid……personally I’d like it to be sooner… “go Paul go” get the signature, the girls wanna fight.

Director Belinda Dunne and Your team at POP

Send all emails to

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