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Princesses of Pain Promo women’s MMA

Princesses of PainBelow is a short promo from Princesses of Pain. In the coming weeks Princesses of Pain will release a longer version to give a fuller idea of the doco’s content. The doco is aimed at film festivals which was done for the specific reason of not allowing the footage to be changed and have the women of this sport represented in the way the partnering companies intended them to be.

Princesses of Pain are starting to pitch new ideas for next season and have some interest in New Zealand and in America. The next series will be very different and will address issues important to TV networks and their marketing budgets, but will stay true to the POP values of representing women in a way that informs and grows the public support.

Princesses of Pain want to thank everyone for their support and want to thank the amazing women who took part in the filming.


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