Female Velcro Closure Boxing Glove

Velcro closure or Hook n Loop female boxing gloves are really popular for women and girls. Shop the Fighter girls brand boxing gloves made for women and girls.

Female Boxing Gloves – BOXING SHOP

Ladies are you tired of shopping for the perfect female fit boxing gloves? Come shop the biggest and best boxing & martial arts store at Fighter girls store. We are the women and girls boxing shop.

Velcro Closure Training Gloves

The velcro closure boxing gloves by Fighter girls are cute and tough. Save time at your next boxing or kickboxing class.  The velcro closure is quick and easy to put on or take off your gloves compared to the traditional style lace-up boxing gloves.

Fighter girls Hook & Loop Boxing Gloves

Shop Fighter girls brand female Hook & Loop boxing gloves for women and girls.  Don’t settle for a poor fitting male boxing glove that is too big.  The Fighter girls brand is made for female hands,

Female Boxing Glove Fighter girls boxing gloves sparring, training & fighting

When shopping for boxing gloves always choose the right gender for your first choice. At the Fighter girls store we manufacture the best women and girls boxing gloves and apparel. Since 2001 Fighter girls female fight store caters to the female fighter.




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