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Rachael Ostovich Wins Destiny MMA Bantamweight Belt

Rachael Ostovich Wins Destiny MMA Bantamweight Belt
Rachael Ostovich Wins Destiny MMA Bantamweight Belt

Rachael Ostovich Wins Destiny MMA Bantamweight Belt On Saturday, April 28 at the Aloha Tower Waterfront in Honolulu, Hawaii Rachael Ostovich and Kari Lichtenwalner faced-off for a highly anticipated re-match which was also the 135 lb “Destiny Unleashed” MMA female title fight.

Rachael Ostovich Wins Destiny MMA Bantamweight Belt

Ostovich who trains out of Jesus is Lord MMA on Oahu and Lichtenwalner who trains out of Wanderlei Silva’s gym in Las Vegas fought almost exactly a year ago in Vegas with Ostovich the victor by decision. This time Lichtenwalner would make the journey to the island for the challenge.

The bout which was scheduled for three, three minute rounds was stopped in the second as Ostovich dominated with a mounted crucifix allowing her the ability to ground and pound at will. Getting into the position was no easy feat as both competitors fought to control the pace standing in vicious exchange of punches before going to the ground. Ostovich, donning a traditional wresting singlet for the match, definitely brought her mat skills into play for the bout.

Rachael Ostovich Wins Destiny MMA Bantamweight Belt

“When we fought the first time it was on one days notice. I was out of shape and overweight, eating at all the buffets and not feeling well,” said Ostovich, who’s original opponent had cancelled, leading her to believe she wouldn’t be competing in the event. “It was the worse I have ever felt in any match. I remember telling myself I’m never going to fight out of shape ever again. So to prevent flashbacks, I trained super hard, a lot of conditioning and stuck to a strict game plan. “

Rachael Ostovich Training

“My training camp consisted of a tight knit of team mates (who I really should be calling family) who were always there for me pushing me Monday through Saturday. We have our beach run routine two times a week which is really intense, but much needed preparation for battle. Also it was nice to train with a couple other girls who came down and helped me towards the ending of the camp. I’m the only consistent girl on the team.”

“I started fighting, about three years ago. I’m still very new to the sport. Getting experience was my biggest concern. The short amount of girls willing to fight led to maybe 1 or if I’m lucky 2 fights a year. I am grateful for Jay Bolos of Destiny MMA who flew in my opponent from Vegas has made such as great commitment to female MMA in Hawaii. ”

Ostovich is now the Bantamweight be:(lt title holder for both Destiny MMA and 808 Battleground.

About Rachael Ostovich

“I would like to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ. Most definitely would not be in the cage or where I am without him. Of course my mom and dad who are my biggest supporters ever. I would like to thank my teammates who were there for me beating me up in the gym, always encouraging me to keep pushing. Also our one and only sponsor, Max Freedman (Every Round For Christ). He sponsors us shirts, gloves and bibles for team members. He’s a real blessing! I would also like to thank the fans who give me so much support and cheer their heads off for me.! I get a lot of random people who come up to me and just encourage me with what they say. It always confirms why I do this. Win or lose 🙂 All glory to GOD!”♥

“You can expect to see me in the future hopefully turned pro and in the bigger shows. It is my dream to make it into Strikeforce or who knows maybe even the UFC!. You never know what God has in store for us so I just have to keep my faith in him. His plans always turn out so much better than mine.”

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