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Rachel Reinheimer – Balancing All Worlds

Rachel Reinheimer - Balancing All Worlds
Rachel Reinheimer – Balancing All Worlds

Rachel Reinheimer – Balancing All Worlds How one fighter’s ambitions is making her dreams come true, while balancing life in the process.

Rachel Reinheimer has the 5’ 8” lithe body of a ballerina having studied ballet in her earlier years but don’t let that fool you! This 38 year old single mother of two, weighing in at a slender 138 lbs is one tough cookie, who has only been training at the Sityodtong Camp in Somerville, Ma in Muay Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jui Jitsu and MMA for the last eight months and will most likely need another eight before they unleash her, allowing her to fight.

Rachel Reinheimer – Balancing All Worlds

But that hasn’t stopped Rachel, who works full time for the federal government in order to support her 2 small children. After watching some UFC fights with her brother, Jay, back in 2006 and thinking that it was the most exciting thing she ever saw, was determined and wanted nothing more than to learn how to fight.

Since her initial inspiration she has officially committed to training and has already competed twice! Once in an in house Muay Thai Exhibition Smashup that was three two minute rounds of non- stop action and the other in the Freestyle Grappling Open Tournament in Portland, Maine. The way she sees it, it’s about driving forward to fulfill her dream by gaining as much experience as possible to eventually compete professionally as a mixed martial artist.

Rachel Reinheimer – Balancing All Worlds

Rachel also has a propensity of being a bit of a thrill seeker, looking for adventure having been to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia for a little snorkeling, sleeping in a Maori lodge in New Zealand, and swimming with glowing plankton at night off the shores of Fiji. So, if you haven’t noticed Rachel is very focused and even though her kids think it’s weird but cool that she is training to be a fighter she is one Fighter Girl who we should keep our eyes on!

By Shelley Devine

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