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RISING STARS MMA Fighter Lacey Schuckman

RISING STARS MMA Fighter Lacey Schuckman
RISING STARS MMA Fighter Lacey Schuckman

RISING STARS MMA Fighter Lacey Schuckman

Name: Lacey “the Ladie” Schuckman (yes, I spell it wrong, but I like the way it looks!)
Fighting Style: MMA
Record: Amateur Muay Thai 4-2 Amateur MMA 4-2
Weight Class: 115-120 lb
Fights Out of: Team Rugburn out of The Pressroom from Lakewood, CO

How did you get into fighting: My husband started training TKD at 15. We have been together since I was 12, so naturally I got tired of him beating me up all the time and I thought I was tough. After learning that it takes more
then being tough, we got into Muay Thai and BJJ. Then I started fighting in 2006 and like they say, “The rest is history!”

Toughest opponent to date: My toughest opponent to date was Louise Johnson. It was my second amateur MMA and I had so little ground that I just got beat to a pulp for 8 and 1/2 minutes! I had too much pride and ego going into that fight that I beat myself even before weigh-ins. She was way too heavy for me to be fighting with my lack of experience, but I wanted to fight so bad! It was also a case of evil promoters at work, so I needed to take a smarter fight, not what was just handed to me. I learned a lot from that fight. A shattered nose, concussion, and the most swollen purple face ever will make you learn real fast!

Who would you most like to fight: I really want to fight Michelle Waterson! I have the utmost respect for her, but I feel like a lot of girls do, that she got so much press from the “Fight Girls” show that she gets cake walk fights (Not that any fight is a cake walk, but girls that records don’t match up). I have known Michelle personally for a few years now and trained with her once before she got into Muay Thai. I wanted to fight her back then, but I was too heavy. Now that I am 115, I feel like that fight should happen. We have similar backgrounds and we are both from Colorado. Like I said, I have the utmost respect for herm but I think I can beat her.

Next fight: January 17th 2009, I am fighting in the GFIGHT Grand Prix in Evansville, IN.
You will be making your pro debut in the GFIGHT GP against 7 other very skilled fighters. What do you know about any of the other fighters: Lisa Hugo, out of the UK is a world champion kickboxer of over 16 years or something and she holds a title from her first MMA fight, Jessica Aguilar out of Top Team with a 5-2 record is a strong grappler, Jessica Gonzales who is a boxer with a 2-0 record, Jessica Pene with a 5-0 record out of Team Sub is a strong striker with great take down and submission defense, Patti Lee with a 2-2 record has strong Muay Thai skills and made it to the finals of the 135 lb 2007 Grand Prix weighing in at only 125, Mariah Reed with a 1-0 record and an extensive amateur career is overall good but a stronger wrestler, and finally Angela Magana who I have heard is ranked 7th in the world, strong takedowns and grappling with a 4-2 record. Don’t quote me on any of these records, but they are all very talented women with a lot to bring to the table. Also people change from time to time, so this is not an official list!

To be crowned as GP Champion, you will have to defeat 3 opponents in one night…..are you doing anything special to prepare for such a tough task: I have upped my cardio and stamina training, I am trying to push that extra bit when I want to be done in training and I have upped my rounds considerably! I also have been doing iron man like usual, but now I do it on every single drill and I have been doing a lot more muscle endurance.
Normal Training Regimen: I train 36-40 hours a week. Road work, BJJ, and Muay Thai. I also do strength and conditioning along with sports psychology.

Other Hobbies: My husband and I run a small gym and we train adults and kids in MMA. My little kids team is “The Little Pitbulls” and that is exactly what they are: tenacious, powerful, and determined. They give me my desire to train hard and win! I have four dogs: two Pitbulls, named Keeva and Kaos, a Lhaso Apso named Shaggy, and a Mini Dachshund name Fenway and I love spending time with them and training them. I also love to build drift cars especially Nissan Z cars!
Goal for 2009: I want to win the tournament and be the GFIGHT World Champion and I just want to take some good challenging fights and make a name for myself as a pro.

RISING STARS MMA Fighter Lacey Schuckman

Anything you want to add: I really want to thank my sponsors Tussle Fight gear (who are some of the best people in the world)  , and Submission Fight Gear. I also want to thank MMA RADICALS for the constant support on their webcast every Wed. at 7:30 PM EST. Most importantly, I want to thank my husband who is my life support, coach, and best friend! Also thanks to all my family and fans without you this wouldn’t be possible!!!

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