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Road Super Saturday Shayna Baszler MMA

Road Super Saturday Shayna Baszler MMA
Road Super Saturday Shayna Baszler MMA

Road Super Saturday Shayna Baszler MMA All this week we will be covering participants in the FCF Grand Prix. Shayna Baszler rounds out the week. She may be “The Queen of Spades”, but Shayna Baszler (9-6) is also the “Queen of Human Chess”.

Baszler’s unorthodox style is something that her opponent Megumi Yabushita (18-15) has to deal with on Saturday’s Freestyle Cage Fighting Grand Prix. Baszler knows her opponent well.

Road Super Saturday Shayna Baszler MMA

“I know quite a bit about her,” Baszler admitted. “I fought Keiko “Tama Chan ” Tamai, who is a students of hers, and a teammate of mine Ginele Marquez fought her at Fatal Femmes.”

Both being grapplers, Baszler says she has the upper hand.

“I think her strategy will play right into mine,” Baszler commented. “If she wants to do her crazy judo throws and take it to the ground, that will be to her own demise. If she wants to stand with me, and throw down with me, I am ready to do that as well.”

With that being said, Baszler and Yabushita have a lot of respect for each other inside and outside the cage. Baszler admits partying with her on a few occasions, and it wouldn’t be odd to see the two hanging out after the fight.

But party is party, and business is business. Baszler says she has something to prove in this tournament. Strikeforce may be renegotiating her contract, and a win in this tournament could solidify her return to the Strikeforce cage. She wants also to make an impact this year.

“We are in for a wild ride, because 2010 is the year that ‘The Queen of Spades’ reminds everyone who ‘The Queen of Spades’ is.”

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