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Road to the G-Fight Summit

fighter girlsThe biggest women’s MMA event of the year is fast approaching with an all-star seminar line-up.

If you are a female MMA fighter and have some time between Saturday March 20 and Saturday March 27; you need to travel to Evansville, IN.

The annual G-Fight Summit is fast approaching and is expected to be bigger than ever. The week long event with have female fighters from all across the country gain training and experience; as well as gain much needed contracts and friends in the ever expanding sport.

The week will start off with a big all woman amateur MMA show, featuring some of the best upcoming stars in the sport.

The current fight card: (subject to change)

105 – Kristen DeWitt vs Jessica Philippus
115 – Lauren Feldmen vs Audrey Pang
120 – Sharon Kellman vs Esli Kilponen
130 – Nina Ann Ansaroff vs Kim Novak
135 – Darlene Bunch vs Petra Cavanaugh
135 – Emily Kagen vs Jessica Martinez
135 – Aleah Williams vs Melissa Blythe
155 – Adreinne Cruser vs Shannon Reid
180 – Laura Edler-Hill vs Heather Martin

Muay Thai Fight
135 – Sarah Weeks vs Lindsay Scheer

Then the week will be filled with seminars, including:

Mental Training with Sports Psychologist Michele Kerulis

MMA training with Strikeforce 135 pound champion Sarah Kaufman

Submission Training with # 3 ranked Shayna Baszler

MMA Training with world class MMA coach Greg Jackson and # 9 ranked Julie Kedzie

MMA Training with UFC Star Merrit “Bubby” Warren

Muai Thai to MMA with Eric Haycraft and Lindsay Scheer

Jiu-jitsu with judo and jiu-jitsu champion Professor Bruce Sheppard

Grappling/jiu-jitsu with world class jiu-jitsu champion Lana Stefanac

Some of the seminars are free, but some do come with a small cost. These seminars are all a value, however, as some are worth as much as $100 outside the summit, but for a small fee, you can improve you game and gain a lot of experience.

“We are just trying to spread MMA as much as we can,” Patricia VanDerMeer, one of the event organizers stated. “We are trying to break even and give everyone who can make it a solid week of training or however long they can stay with us. We want to put on a great show, but we don’t want to make money off of this. It’s about spreading women’s MMA.”

Accommodations for the week are also very affordable, and details can be seen on the G-Fight Facebook Page. For more information or to sign up, e-mail:

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