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Rosi Sexton’s New Resurgence

rosi sextonAs Rosi Sexton gets ready to fight Roxanne Modafferi on Saturday, she talks to us about changes in her outlook in fighting.

In what could be a match of the year candidate, two of the top fighters are ready to go in North London. Hometown girl Rosi Sexton is battling Roxanne Modafferi in a 125 pound fight Saturday at Cage Warriors.

At weigh-ins Friday, Rosi Sexton (pictured left) came in at 125.8 and Roxanne Modafferi (pictured right; in the Ninja mask) came in at 124.7 pounds.

Sexton talked to us recently on Sportsgeeks about her new training and new found drive.

Sexton’s 2010 has been a roller coaster ride. After what was a nasty knockout by Zoila Frausto at Bellator in Louisville, she decided it was time to change her training. She joined Next Generation MMA and since then, she defeated #7 ranked Sally Krumdiack this past November. She said the move has been very beneficial.

“What I took away from it is that I needed a more consistent team around me,” Sexton expressed. “I was working with some excellent coaches and some great people (coming into the fight). What I didn’t have is that consistency of training partners and people around me pushing me.”

Sexton has been a veteran in the sport and has been the face of women’s MMA in England. Being constantly in the top 10 fighters at 125 pounds for several years, she hasn’t rest on her laurels.

“I don’t want to be taking easy fights in this stage of my career. I don’t want to be training for 6-10 weeks to fight someone who isn’t going to bring me a fight. I want someone who is going to challenge me and bring the most out of me.”

With that in mind, she challenged Modafferi to a match.

“Her career is something that I followed for a while,” Sexton admitted. “We’ve both been fighting since 2002-2003. I think it will be a very interesting match-up.”

This will be Modafferi’s first time at 125 pounds, and Sexton isn’t taking her lightly at a lower weight.

“I expect that the weight class will suit her. I am expecting her to be strong at that weight.”

No matter what happens in the match, Sexton is looking towards a great 2011. With Cage Warriors and Bellator keeping her busy, she sees herself with new vigor and direction.

“It’s given me a whole new set of tools tow work with. I think I am a very different fight now from last year and I am continuing to develop all the time. I am really excited about the possibilities.”

Cage Warriors will be streaming their card for free at CageWarriors Saturday morning at 10:30 pacific time.

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