Sarah Goodlaxson Female MMA Fighter

Sarah Goodlaxson Female MMA Fighter

Sarah Goodlaxson Female MMA Fighter

Sarah Goodlaxson Female MMA Fighter

Sarah Goodlaxson may be small, but she packs a wallop. Vicious things sometimes come in small packages. At 105 pounds, Sarah Goodlaxson is just about par for the course. She is looking to be a bit more aggressive than her opponent Vanessa Cortes in her hometown of Galesburg, IL at the Revolution Cage Fighting 11 event on Jan. 30.

Sarah Goodlaxson Female MMA Fighter

Goodlaxson was on  this week talking about venturing into MMA and how her aggressive style has given her a hard-hitting nickname.

“My coach always says that ‘You are small, but you are ferocious. You just keep coming and coming. You are like a piranha. That’s your nickname.”

The nickname suited Goodlaxson after her first win verses Angie Voorhees.

“The first or second punch I threw at her, I cut her pretty bad,” Goodlaxson stated. “Never being in the cage before, I didn’t know how much power my punches were going to have.”

“All of a sudden I hear her corner and they are saying ‘Shake it off! Shake it off!’ I’m like ‘Shake what off?’ Then she moved her hair and there was blood all the way down the side of her face. And I’m like ‘Oh my god. That was awesome!’”

Although the win was a sweet one, she feels that she gained more with her loss to Jennifer Berg at the Ring of Fire in Denver last month.

Sarah Goodlaxson Female MMA Fighter

“Right after the fight I was really disappointed. I knew I could have won that fight,” Goodlaxson admitted. “I was really upset. But then I was looking around and I saw Wanderlei Silva, and these pro fighter girls. Then I was like, ‘I really can’t be that upset. I am going to go home.’ And the very next day; I know people sometimes take a week off; but the very next day I was in the gym saying, ‘This is what I need to work on. This is what I need to do. That experience was the best. I learned more from that verses my win. I learned a lot from my loss, and I am thankful for it.”

Goodlaxson’s dedication is hopefully going to pay off when she faces Cortes this coming Saturday.

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