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Sarah Kaufman at Full Blast

Sarah KaufmanAfter the announcement of the Strikeforce title bout in February, Sarah Kaufman is ready to really let the hands go.

It has been seven months since # 1 ranked 135 pounder Sarah Kaufman (10-0) has seen the inside of a cage. With Fedor’s appearance in Strikeforce, Kaufamn’s fight with Takayo Hashi (12-1) had been pushed back month after month. The wait, however, was well worth it.

The announcement this week of the Kaufman vs. Hashi fight on Feb. 26 Strikeforce Challengers event comes with an added bonus; the winner will be the Strikeforce 135-lb Champion.

“Sportsgeeks” and Fightergirls got the first interview with Kaufman since the announcement, and she says that we have yet to see her full punching power.

“I think for myself, I really don’t think I have opened up to my full potential for how hard I can hit,” Kaufman admits. “This is one of my really big goals in this fight, is to actually let my hands go with some power. I don’t think up until this point that I have really hit anyone that hard yet.”

Kaufman, however, says training is about knowing what you need to do in the cage.

“You have to train for yourself first and foremost,” Kaufman added. “You train your game. (Train) your strengths; work on your weaknesses. Make sure you are well rounded.”

Kaufman is at the top of what has become one of the biggest division in women’s MMA and sees that there is a lot of potential opponents in the field.

“The 135 pound division is really stacked,” Kaufman stated. “In terms of opportunity for me to fight, there are so many girls there. Girls are really going to prove themselves and what they are capable of. I think its going to open up a lot of fights for a lot of different women.”

Kaufman isn’t looking past Hashi, and is excited to be getting the opportunity to be a Strikeforce champion.

“I am really excited and honored to get the opportunity to have the first crack at the title.”

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