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Sarah Kaufman vs Roxanne Modafferi

Sarah Kaufman vs Roxanne Modafferi
Sarah Kaufman vs Roxanne Modafferi

Sarah Kaufman vs Roxanne Modafferi  The 135 pound division heats up as Strikeforce champion Sarah Kaufman defends her title vs. #1 contender Roxanne Modafferi

One of the biggest matches of the year is tonight, with the winner finding herself a busy woman.

Sarah Kaufman vs Roxanne Modafferi

Officially weighted-in for their epic battle tonight on Showtime, Strikeforce champion Sarah Kaufman tipped the scales at 134 pounds (and gained six pounds of it back an hour and a half after according to her facebook status) and her challenger #2 ranked Roxanne Modafferi weighed in at 133.4 pounds at the Comcast arena in Everett, WA.

“Sarah is a powerful fighter. I’m looking forward to the challenge of facing her,” stated Modafferi to Strikeforce

“I’m happy fighting anywhere that I can let my hands go. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the ground or standing,” commented Kaufman. “I’m looking to knock her out. You always want to finish it.”
Whoever becomes champ has a busy year ahead of her. Strikeforce announced yesterday that the winner of the match would face Marloes Coenen for the title sometime in the next few months, with the winner of the Strikeforce women’s 135 pound tournament in Phoenix next month facing the winner of that match.

Strikeforce Challengers IX will be live tonight on Showtime starting at 8 p.m. pacific/11 p.m. eastern.

Our friends over at followed Kaufman and Modafferi before and after weigh-ins yesterday and you can watch the video here.

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