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Sarah Oriza MMA Fighter Refocused Unwavering

Sarah Oriza MMA Fighter Refocused Unwavering
Sarah Oriza MMA Fighter Refocused Unwavering

Sarah Oriza MMA Fighter Refocused Unwavering She may be down, but Sarah Oriza is not out of the game.

There is a passion for fighters who love their sport. They never give up as long as they have the drive. Sarah Oriza hasn’t lost it, even after three tough losses to three highly regarded opponents. Even after her last loss, which saw her get knocked out and receive a fractured orbital bone; Oriza is ready to get back on the horse and ride again.

Sarah Oriza MMA Fighter Refocused Unwavering

This past week on Fighter girls, Oriza talked about her road back to the cage to face debuting Sarah D’alelio at the Cage Sports MMA event in Tacoma WA.

Oriza stated that her losses does impact her a bit.

“It is a kick to the ego to get beat over and over,” Oriza expressed. “(However) I learn more from my losses and I am grateful for that experience. I have learned a lot. I have learned where I have improved. I found places where I need to work on. I try to be as well rounded as possible.”

Oriza says she has been somewhat passive all of her life and that has been a huge hurdle in MMA. That is changing with the help of a sports psychologist. This has also helped her outside the cage.

“The one thing that they say in sports psychology is what is and isn’t in our control,” Oriza said. “I think that carries everyday in your life.”

Oriza says she has found a way to gain some of that aggression before a fight.

“The new thing lately is I am trying to find things that irritate me a little bit,” Oriza explained.

Oriza runs an all women’s grappling school and says that after her last loss, some of her students are hesitant to take up MMA. However, she wants her students to see the example of never giving up, no matter how hard you get pushed down, and never back away from a challenge. Win or lose, she feels you will always gain something.

“I am a person who doesn’t say no to a fight just because of an opponent,” Oriza admits. “I believe everybody is beatable. I think I do have a lot of skill. I am proud of what I have done in each fight. I have demonstrated a skill, and do something that I never thought I could do.”

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