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Shana Olsen’s Mission Top Female Fighter

Shana Olsen's Mission Top Female Fighter
Shana Olsen’s Mission Top Female Fighter

Shana Olsen’s Mission Top Female Fighter

Shana Olsen works her way to a match with Cyborg Santos. Shana Olsen has a huge goal and a mountain to climb. Olsen, who will be facing # 8 ranked 145 pounder Yoko Takahashi this Saturday at Mayhem in Minneapolis, is hoping a win will get not only get her ranked, but get herself a shot at Cyborg Santos’s Strikeforce 145 pound title this June.

Shana Olsen’s Mission Top Female Fighter

Olsen was on Fighter girls this week to talk about her fight with Takahashi, and the possible opportunity for the winner to face Santos. When it comes to this fight on Saturday, Olsen feels she has something to prove.

“This fight is very important as far as me getting into the rankings,” Olsen stated. “Fighting Kaitlin Young was a huge opportunity for me and a huge win for me. She is one of the best 135 pounders out there. I think I really showed people that I am a someone to be reckoned with, and I’m not a fluke. Fighting Yoko and beating Yoko is gong to prove that even more. I feel that I am in a position to fight the top women in the world.”

When asked if she would be ready if she was given a chance at Cyborg Santos, Olsen said she would jump at the chance to fight the number 1 ranked 145 pounder in the world.

“I feel I would be able to take that opportunity if it were to come about in June,” Olsen admitted. “I have much respect for Cyborg. She is a tough and aggressive competitor, but she hasn’t fought anyone her own size and strength. I think I am someone who has the opportunity to show I have good skills and be able to stand up and bang with her.”

Olsen, however, has to get through Takahashi this weekend. A lot of eyes are on the winner of this fight as a possible contender for Santos. Olsen is looking forward to taking on Santos and says that she is ready to step up to the plate and take on one of the best fighters in the world.

“She is an aggressive fighter and I am just as aggressive. When I get into that cage, I am a different person. It’s all about me and that other person in the cage. You better be ready to war, because I am ready to war.”

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