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Shelby Walker Hook N Shoot women’s card

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Shelby Walker

This interview was conducted with Shelby Walker by Adam Guerara on Feb 11, 2002.
BARNONE:Hey Shelby how are you tonight?

Shelby:I am great thanks Barnone. How are you?

BARNONE:I am well thanks for asking. Shelby can you give is a little info on your back ground? Ht,wt,style etc?

Shelby:Well I’m a blue belt in bjj, I also kickbox, my trainer Stacy Jourgenson is the best!I am 5’8 135lbs and fluctuate around 125lbs.

BARNONE:Shelby can you tell us about your up coming fight with Tara?

Shelby:I could tell you a lot but I will stick to the basics! This is a fight that has to happen and I’m ready!

BARNONE:What started all the bad blood between you two ladies on the UG?

Shelby:I made a post about not having any females to roll with and Tara got on my thread and stuck her nose where it did not belong and jumped my ass. She has a habit of riding all the other females on the UG. And to be honest I want to beat her face in.

BARNONE:WOW that is some strong words. lol I didn’t think it was this bad.

BARNONE:Can you give us a prediction on how you plant to finish Tara and what round?

Shelby:By submission, I will feel her out and in in the 2nd round I’ll submit her by guillotine! Also Tara has her friends emailing me she has them telling me that she is going to stand with me but I got something for her if she does, ILL KNOCK HER OUT”

BARNONE:Wow this should be a good fight and not to be over looked! Shelby what drives you to to fight?

Shelby Walker:Well the same thing that drives a baseball player to play or a football player to play football, I just love to fight I love it!

BARNONE:What do you think of Debi Purcell’s efforts on creating the first female web site for women MMA fighters?

Shelby:I think she has gone above and beyond duty! Thanks a million Debi!!

BARNONE:Any last words for your fans on the UG?

Shelby:Yeah stay tuned for the fight of the year!

BARNONE:Shelby thank you for your time we look forward to the fight!

Shelby:Thanks Barnone, take care and I’ll see you all at the fights!!

Well there you have it folks Sheby “SUPERSTAR” Walker.

Ps:I want to send a special thanks to Debi also for letting me be a writer for Love ya Deb!!

Fighter Shelby Walker Passes Away

According to manager Larry Goldberg, mixed martial artist and professional boxer Shelby Walker was found dead on Saturday, September 23rd. It is believed that she died from an overdose of pain medication.

Affectionately known as Shelby Girl, she was a pioneer in women’s mixed martial arts and fought in several title bouts during her boxing career. She was 31 years old.

Goldberg included the following in a post he made to Shelby’s web site, “She was a wonderful person who inspired many people. However, she succumbed to personal demons. Shelby was loved and will be greatly missed by all that knew her.”

He continued, “Shelby should be remembered as the fun loving beautiful person who was the life of any party and got to live her dream. There is so much about her life people never got to know. I had the privilege of managing her and befriending her and watching her fight 2 world champions and experienced with her the thrill of victory and agony of defeat… I know Shelby will be looking down on all of us from heaven.”

We at Fighter would like to send out our heartfelt condolences to Shelby’s family, her fiancé, and to our good friend Larry Goldberg. Shelby is loved and missed by us all.

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