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Shin Do Kumate Female Fight event

Shin Do Kumate Female Fight event
Shin Do Kumate Female Fight event

Shin Do Kumate Female Fight event  Shin Do Kumate XVII, November 15th, 2008 Both fighters entered the ring in great physical condition, Denise at 102lbs and Amy at 104.5llbs. Round 1 of the fight was quite a slow pace which allowed Mellor to attack effectively at long range with quicker shots landing a cracking to Amy face half way through. Amy replied with a sharp elbow shot in close towards the end of round 1 which seemed to end quite even.

Round 2 followed much the same with Denise landing great shots and Amy trying to push the fight in to the clinch – during the round Mellors eye started to swell up from the 1st elbow. After round 2 Denise’s corner made the decision to retire to prevent any further injury to where the 1st elbow had landed – Winner Amy Davis.

Shin Do Kumate Female Fight event

Martial Arts Science: Shin Do Kumate Fighting System – There is a legacy behind Shin Do Kumaté® spread across the world that stems from the Art of Muay Thai, Hapkido, Kung-Fu and Persian Martial Arts, which is an ancient style of Martial Arts invented in 2500 B.C., and suspected to go back even earlier than that. The professional sport of Shin Do Kumaté is strictly stand-up striking that draws from the art of Muay Thai and a variety of other Martial Arts fighting disciplines to increase the level of strikes permitted by its athletes.

Thereby appealing to a global pool of high caliber male & female fighters. It is the only stand-up striking sport on the rise within the industry due to its high level of skill, supremacy, and anticipation. Shin Do Kumaté® translates into “The Way of the Fighting Spirit” the element of “SHIN” means higher power or spirit, with warriors against warriors who represent strong spirit, culture, respect, discipline and honor. This style was founded by Master Mehrdad Moayedi, a pro Muay Thai Title Holder and traditional full contact fighter with an authentic Martial Arts background in Hap-Ki-Do, Kung-Fu and Persian wrestling.

Master Mehrdad has a lifetime of intense training under the teachings of prominent grandmasters in Persia, Far East and Europe. He is an 8th Dan Black Belt. The Shin Do Kumaté fighting system which he created has been described as the most superior stand-up striking fighting discipline ever introduced to a fighter because of the freedom of hand techniques, elbows strikes, the standup clinch, kicking strikes, and stand up throws. The fighter can use full boxing skills, all Martial Arts kicks, and all skills from Muay Thai. There are very few limitations of what you can do on your feet. In Shin Do Kumaté® there is no ground grappling. In conclusion, among all other styles of fighting/MMA there is NONE that can compare. SDK is a unique fighting style of its own and it is a new revolutionary fight sport which represent the gladiators of modern times!

SDK Martial Arts System Concept – The Martial Arts discipline taught by Master Mehrdad is unique and only taught by him. His unique traditional Martial Arts style was developed from a combination of disciplines that stem from his deep root of over 4 decades of training in Kung Fu, Kong Shin Bup – Hapkido, Muay Thai, Tae Keuk Do, Iranian Wrestling, and Persian Martial Arts. He ultimately founded/created his own philosophical Martial Arts and unique fighting system which formulates into the style of Shin Do Kumaté “The Way of Fighting Spirit” or “The Way of Higher Power” using the elements of “SHIN” it means higher power or powerful spirit. As a professional Muay Thai fighter, Heavy Weight Title Champion and 8th Dan Black Belt Martial Arts experts, he teaches his own uniquely developed fighting & self-defense system that stands above many other styles of martial arts today simply by eliminating various ineffective moves that other styles rely upon and Shin Do Kumaté incorporating highly effective techniques from various styles to make a more well balanced art as efficient as possible.

All styles of Martial Arts have benefits; however, many also have limitations. For example, Tae Kwon Do relies on leg and snaps techniques for points systems; Karate uses primarily rigid/straight-forward movements; Aikido focuses on circular hand movements not much kicking and western boxing focuses on upper body punch techniques. Judo and other grappling arts teach primarily submissions, throws and ground works which can make you very vulnerable against multi-attackers on the street. Kung-Fu styles emphasize on form and weapons training. While the majority of all Martial Art techniques are skillful, they each do have limitations and some areas of weakness. I mastered my own unique style by creating extremely effective, exceptionally dynamic and complete techniques without limitations.

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