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Shoni Esquiro Female Fighter

Shoni Esquiro Female Fighter
Shoni Esquiro Female Fighter

Shoni Esquiro Female Fighter

Shoni Esquiro Female Fighter Training in one of the most macho careers in the world you have to be tough. Being in two you have to be double tough. Shoni Esquiro shows that veracity in the cage and training to fight fires in her home state of Oregon.

Esquiro acknowledged her strengths comes from her days on the wrestling mats in high school. She has competed for Oregon’s high school wrestling title and was one of the first females to compete nationally.

Shoni Esquiro Female Fighter

Most fighters wouldn’t go into the sport without a least a few months training. Esquiro, however, being a very competent freestyle wrestler, jumped into MMA with both feet. In fact that she threw her first punch in her first fight.

“I was a little hesitant to throw a punch cause I have never done it,” Esquiro admitted. “After getting punched it gave me an incentive to go ahead and throw some.”

After a few battles as an amateur, Esquiro had a rocky start as a pro. In her first pro fight, she lost by decision. Then she lost her following fight via arm bar. Esquiro soon dedicated herself to rounding out her game, and after a lot of hard work; she won her first pro fight last month verse Brandy Nerney in Montebello, CA.

“It felt great,” Esquiro stated. “I had been training very hard; been working a lot on my positions. So after the fight it gave me a sense of accomplishment.”

Esquiro’s next test comes at the Capital City Cage Fights this Saturday in Salem, OR verse Kristin Molina. Esquiro hopes to get her second pro mma win and being with her hometown crowd takes some of the edge off.

“It will be a relief to be home and fight in front of my family and friends.”

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