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ShoXC and Tonya Evinger

Tonya EvingerWe just got back from the show and it was a great time! Cutting to the chase, Tonya Evinger won the match by rear naked choke at about 1min 42 secs in the first round. Tonya entered the ring first, to an appreciative crowd, looking quite prepared and ready to go. Julie Kedzie came in last and looking game. At the start of the bout it went to the clinch quickly without much probing or feeling out by either fighter.
Tonya quickly shot in, a momentary standup clinch then Evinger took Kedzie down. Evinger maintained control in the top position, Kedzie looked in trouble when an oppritunity for a Kimura by Evinger presented itself but the two fighters were pressed up to the fence which prevented full completiion. Evinger then quickly
transitioned to take Kedzie’s’ back for the inevitable rear naked choke. As Evinger sank it in deep, Julie quickly tapped, ending the match.
As Tonya left the ring I was able to quickly interview her.
FG: Tonya, Congrats to a great match! Were you looking for a ground game or keep
it standing?
TE: I was ready either way, I just wanted to end it fast, I have another fight
lined up in Vegas in few weeks.
FG: Were you expecting for the match to go as it did? Were you surprised that it
ended as early as it did?
TE: I wanted the match to end early, She has a good takedown that works for her a lot, I knew she would try to trip me. That takedown really works for her and that’s mine as well so I know how easy it is to get. We were both in so tight it was automatic clinch. I felt her hips sag, so I took her down and made sure I kept good
FG: When you two were down you tried the Kimura what happened next?
TE: We were pressed up to the fence, I’ve seen her use that armbar, I kept good position and felt comfortable, I felt safe so I went for the submission.
FG: Great, so what’s next on your agenda?
EV: Vegas baby! Both of my brothers are fighting in 2 weeks l want to go there with
some money in my pockets!

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