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SHOXC MMA Fighting TV Show Final Quotes

SHOXC MMA Fighting TV Show Final Quotes
SHOXC MMA Fighting TV Show Final Quotes

SHOXC MMA Fighting TV Show Final Quotes Two undefeated 205-pound fighters with nearly identical records will clash when Aaron Rosa (10-0) faces Jared Hamman (9-0) in one of the co-featured bouts on ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series on SHOWTIME Friday, Oct. 26, at 11 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast).

SHOXC MMA Fighting TV Show Final Quotes

In another excellent matchup in the other co-feature, Javier “Showtime” Vazquez (11-2) will meet JC “Crayola’’ Pennington (14-3-1) in a 150-pound fight.

Other fights on a telecast presented by Los Angeles-based ProElite, Inc.’s Live Fight Division, EliteXC: Malaipet (2-1) collides with Kaleo ‘’Lights Out’’ Kwan (8-6) at 155 pounds; Taurus “Mushin” Corbbrey (11-2, 1 NC) battles Bobby “Wolverine” McMaster (8-1) at 155 pounds; and in a bout that further illustrates EliteXC’s commitment to women’s MMA, Shayna Baszler (9-4) takes on Jennifer “Rosebud’’ Tate (4-0) at 135 pounds.

The televised fights at Chumash Casino Resort at Santa Ynez, Calif. are scheduled for three, 5-minute rounds with the exception of Baszler-Tate, which is slated for three, 3-minute rounds.

SHOXC MMA Fighting TV Show Final Quotes

Three additional fights will be streamed live on the Internet at 9:30 p.m. ET/6:30 p.m. PT on the premier MMA social networking and entertainment site, In scheduled three, 3-minute round contests: Chris Cariaso (5-0) faces Rick McCorkell (6-3) at 135 pounds; Jaime Fletcher (8-2) meets Giva Santana (9-0) at 185 pounds; and Shane Del Rosario (2-0) collides with Amedeo Viola (debut) at 265 pounds. A scheduled fight between Fabricio “Morango” Camoes and Ryan Bixler fell out late Friday night after Bixler withdrew.

“I am getting paid for what I love to do. I grew up in MMA and just love everything about it: the training, the fighting, and the people. I just have a passion for it like everyone else.

“Coming right back on SHOWTIME is really exciting. I want to do well so they will ask me back, but I know I need to keep winning to get where I want to go. So I keep working even harder. I always give my best and love to fight. I love to match my will against my opponent’s.

“I am known as a striker and some think I am anti-Jiu-Jitsu but I am not really anti-Jiu-Jitsu. If there is a submission to be had I will go for it. I am always looking for my opponent to make a mistake and pounce on them.

“I guess I have a lot of common with Hamman. We are both undefeated, both played football, we’re about the same height and we are Christians.

“This is going to be a tremendous fight.’’

“I’ve never had a fight go to a decision. Like I tell the college football players I coach, you go for it right away so you don’t put anyone else in the position to decide it for you. I take it round by round, minute by minute, just like I tell my players to take it play-by-play and give it everything you’ve got.

“I fight stand-up but have been working hard on my ground game. I think I have improved it a lot. I don’t feel I am one-dimensional and I can adjust to whatever my opponent is doing.

“I don’t know much about Rosa, so I don’t know if this is going to be my toughest fight. But it is going to be a great fight and I am going to give my all.

“Being unbeaten is fine, but who you beat is more important. I know a win over Rosa will mean a lot to me.’’

“It’s about time that a guy whose nickname is ‘Showtime’ is finally getting to fight on his network. Seriously, though, all my fights are thrilling. They are never boring. Fans always get a show. Friday will not be an exception.

“I wasn’t satisfied with my last fight. I took a lot more punishment than I should have, or am accustomed to. I didn’t do what I always do. But I am ready for a top performance now.

“Pennington is a good all-around fighter but I feel I am at a higher level than him. I don’t say it, but people are always saying that I am an elite fighter.

“I know Pennington is coming to win, but this is my chance to prove I belong to be mentioned with some of others in my weight class. I am looking forward to getting it on Friday night.’’

“I was beyond thrilled when I was offered this fight and nearly stressed for two weeks waiting for it to become official. This is a great opportunity for me to be able to fight on SHOWTIME.

“I am definitely excited. I promise this will not be a disappointing fight. Win or lose, I am going to have fun. I am very confident. I have been working with a lot of good people on my stand-up and I think it is getting pretty good. I know I am feeling more and more comfortable.

“I know my opponent is very good and that I am the underdog. But I am going to test him and push the pace.

“He hasn’t been all that active and I noticed his cardio wasn’t all that good in his last fight. My last three fights have gone the distance and my cardio has been great.

“I want to try and keep this run going as long as I can and be the best I can be. This is the kind of fighter I want to fight.’’

“Hawaii has a lot of great fighters and the fans know we come to fight.

“Malaipet comes in very highly regarded, but it is exciting for me to get a chance to showcase my skills and see where I am at talent-wise with others at my weight.

“Malaipet prefers to fight but he has some weaknesses, which I am going to try and expose. I don’t think he does all that well on the ground.

“This is really an important fight for me. Win this fight and I may be able to attract some offers that will allow me to quit my job as a construction worker. I work construction now to support my wife and six children.

“I have been training very hard and I know what I have to do Friday.’’

“This is going to be a fun, tough fight. I expect McMaster to stay in and stand. He is a good fighter, but I feel I have fought better fighters.

“My goal every fight is to finish my opponent, but winning is the most important thing.

“I think fans got a little restless in my last fight against Lee Gibson, but Lee is a really tough fighter who just was not going to go away no matter what I did. I was looking for a knockout, but he was totally game and took a lot of shots, especially to his legs.

“No respect to McMaster, but I feel I am ready to step up and fight the very best guys. I think I should be fighting main events soon. I would fight any of the so-called top guys in a heartbeat.

“I want to fight as often as possible. Being a professional boxer, I could be boxing in the next few weeks if everything goes OK Friday. My goal is to win world championship belts in MMA and boxing.’’

“Jennifer is tough and aggressive and has big hands. She likes to press the pace and dictate the pace. She has been able to get away with that so far, but I don’t think anyone she has fought will fight back like I will.

“I have fought the best women in MMA. I am confident I can beat any of them on my best day.

“I am looking forward to Friday and fighting on SHOWTIME. Along with EliteXC, they have really helped fighters like me make a name for myself. I hope to continue to take advantage of these types of fabulous opportunities.’’

“I really am looking forward to fighting on This will give a whole lot of people a chance to see what I can do.

“I don’t know what to expect, except that this will be a good fight and a good win might mean a fight next time on ShoXC.’’

“When it is all said and done, it is not the material stuff that adds to your legacy but what you do in the cage.

“I am anxious, but not nervous, for my MMA debut. I want to make a good impression on the fans and with EliteXC and SHOWTIME. I am confident I can do that.’’

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