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Stephanie Frausto Warrior’s Welcome

Stephanie Frausto Warrior’s Welcome
Stephanie Frausto Warrior’s Welcome

Stephanie Frausto Warrior’s Welcome

Stephanie Frausto Warrior’s Welcome Zolia Frausto’s little sister wants to show that winning is “all in the family”.

Stephanie Frausto wants to show that her sister Zolia isn’t the only one that can be successful in MMA.

Frausto talked about preparing for her first MMA match at Sunday’s “Warrior’s Cage” event in California, and training with her undefeated sister.


Stephanie Frausto Warrior’s Welcome

Stephanie Frausto is following in her sister Zolia’s footsteps and says it was her sister that got her into sports.

“When I was younger I had a weight problem. I was a pretty chunky kid,” Frausto stated. “I never realized I was chubby until this one kid on the bus called me fat and stuff. The image of myself changed. I asked my sister for help, and she said, ‘Why don’t you do cross country?’ I said, ‘You’re crazy! I can’t even run a block without stopping.’”

Frausto was successful in cross country and followed her sister into boxing, where she got a taste for competition.

“The first (smoker) I was in, the girl that I boxed, I busted her nose,” Frausto admitted. “That was pretty fun. Seeing all the blood I became more hungry. I was like ‘Yeah!’ and after a while they stopped the fight.”

Frausto says since the switch to MMA, her ground game has improved by leaps and bounds, to a point that she has come to enjoy it. Zoila is more of a striker, which balances nicely when they train. Stephanie says that there are other benefits to training with her sister.

“She’s my training partner and she keeps pushing me everyday,” Frausto said. “She tells me to keep going. ‘Stop being a wimp.’”

“Having her there, is like really big motivation. If I know she is watching, I will push a little harder or hit a little harder, because I have seen her fights and she is awesome. I wanna be just like her or better.”

Frausto looks forward to facing Erica Madrid at the “Warrior’s Cage” event and start her MMA career off on the right foot.

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