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STRIKEFORCE Chicago Roxanne Modaferri

Roxanne ModaferriWith three days left until fight time, the fighters were at POW Martial Arts in the West Loop of Chicago for an Open Workout Media Day. FighterGirls was there to get a few pre-fight comments from Roxy and Marloes. Unfortunately, Marloes was not at the workout so we took the opportunity to hang out for the afternoon with Roxanne Modaferri. It was Roxy’s first time in Chicago and it’s been awhile since she’s had some American food, so after some good training we stepped out of the gym and took a walk to grab something to eat.

Roxanne seems very relaxed as usual and we talked a bit about her upcoming rematch with Marloes Coenen. Roxy had won the first fight by split decision back in 2007 (see our MEDIA page for the video of this past fight). Jumping forward to the end of 2009, Roxy has not had a fight in the past year and Marloes is coming off of a loss against Cindy Dandois. Roxy commented that as expected, both of the fighters have developed their game since 2007 but off of the Coenen vs. Dandois fight it is somewhat difficult for her to see exactly how Coenen has developed (most of the fight Coenen was held down by Dandois and it did not showcase much of Marloes’ capabilities).

While Roxy has been quite frustrated with finding fights this past year, she has taking the opportunity to train harder than ever. She has been lucky enough to find a great Striking Coach which she felt she had been lacking prior and is very excited to utilize in the fight all that she’s been learning and training. With one week’s notice, Roxy took this rematch and is very excited about the opportunity to be back in the states and fighting for Strikeforce!
Good luck to both girls this weekend! Fightergirls will be covering the event live and there will be live Twitter updates during this exciting rematch!

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