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Strikeforce MMA Champion Sarah Kaufman

Strikeforce MMA Champion Sarah Kaufman
Strikeforce MMA Champion Sarah Kaufman

Strikeforce MMA Champion Sarah Kaufman She maybe a Strikeforce champion, but Sarah Kaufman wants to show the world she can make the main cards.

You’d think that Strikeforce 135 pound champion Sarah Kaufman has proved to be a huge presence in Strikeforce, but she still has a lot to show people.

Coming off an uneventful five round decision to become the first ever 135 pound champion defeating Takayo Hashi; Kaufman hopes to bring the fans an exciting fight verses #1 contender Roxanne Modafferi this Friday on Showtime.

Strikeforce MMA Champion Sarah Kaufman

Kaufman talked to us on Fighter girls about what is motivating her in her first title defense. Being the only champion not to appear on Strikeforce’s major events, she wants to make it clear she deserves to hang with the big boys in the main cards.

“I think the biggest thing is getting off these Challengers’ cards,” Kaufman expressed. “In terms of monetary gain; sponsorship wise even; everything would be bigger and better on those main cards. That’s my goal right now.”

Strikeforce MMA Champion Sarah Kaufman

The champ does have a lot to look forward to if she is successful verses the experienced Modafferi. Strikeforce has announced that they will be holding a one night four women 135 pound Grand Prix next month in Phoenix which will determine a number one contender for the title. It will include top contenders #6 ranked Hitomi Akano and #10 ranked Miesha Tate; with #2 ranked 125 pounder Carina Damm and Upcoming Glory champion Maiju Kujala expected to be officially announced this week. #3 ranked Shayna Baszler is also in the wings to challenge the winner of this title fight.

Kaufman, however, isn’t worried about her possible challengers as of yet. She is concentrated on the task at hand – her hardest challenger in her career Roxanne Modafferi. Kaufman said she will go into this fight guns a blazing.

“For me this is a very important fight,” Kaufman stated. “I think for Roxy it’s a tough fight. I am not an easy task for anyone, and given that this is a title fight of course she has to take it. It is a definitely a fight I am coming (in aggressively) for. I am going to win this fight and (make her) wish she didn’t take it.”

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