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SUGAR FREE Fighter Kim Couture

SUGAR FREE Fighter Kim Couture
SUGAR FREE Fighter Kim Couture

SUGAR FREE Fighter Kim Couture Behind every good man is his woman kickin’ ass and takin’ names. That’s never been more true than with Kim “SugarFree” Couture, the wife of UFC legend Randy Couture and an accomplished MMA fighter in her own right. A few years back Kim was working as an executive casino host for The Wynn in Las Vegas, the thought of fighting in the Octagon always at the back of her mind.

SUGAR FREE Fighter Kim Couture

After meeting and marrying Randy, Kim left her casino days behind her but brought that knowledge and experience with her into the MMA world to build the Xtreme Couture brand.

“I had plenty of practice,” she notes, “it’s just a different line of work now.” It started with the birth of Xtreme Couture Mixed Martial Arts Training Center. The Couture’s mission for Xtreme was to develop a safe haven for fighters to come train. “Guys were bouncing all over town to meet their training needs. We realized we had to do a gym with everything under one roof.”

From there Xtreme Couture put on their first major fight card dubbed “Night of Combat” where Kim herself was one of the featured bouts.

“It was the ultimate test,” she says. “Someone is going to hit you and try and take your head off. They can teach you all sorts of things but once it starts all the fancy stuff goes out the window. It’s just basics and muscle memory.”

Night of Combat II came in October 2008 and this time Kim stayed behind the scenes as the event promoter, but she approached that role with as much vigor and tenacity as any of her previous fights.

“Everyone jumps in and tries to do a show and they don’t know what goes into it so they forget something at the last minute. I want to give these fighters an opportunity. If I say there’s gonna be a show, there’s gonna be a show.”

Kim’s hard work is paying off getting Xtreme recognized with more shows set up for the future. Within that success they’ve given back with charitable organizations like the Xtreme GI Foundation which provides opportunities for GI’s with prosthetic limbs who are still trying to make a difference. “It’s inspiring because those guys don’t give up,” Kim says. “It puts things in perspective.”

Recently she attained her first professional win vs. Lina Kvokov at StrikeForce. “I felt very confident going into the fight, my footwork and boxing have greatly improved since I’ve been working with Gil Martinez our boxing coach here at Xtreme Couture. I’ve also spent the last 6 weeks working on my Muay Thai with Master Chan and Ray Seffo and my ground game with the help of Robert Drysdale.”

SUGAR FREE Fighter Kim Couture

Kim isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon. “I really love MMA and I want to continue to fight at least 3 to 4 times a year. Last year I fought four times, Feb, April, June and November. Before I fight again I want to get back to the business side of things and work on my promotion company. We have a lot of fighters at Xtreme Couture that I want to get some work.”

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