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Catching Up With Elaina Maxwell

Elaina MaxwellFighter girls interview with female fighter and MMA star Elaina Maxwell come read what Elaina has to say about her career in female fighting

1) How were the holidays?

They were great. I spent them with my twin sister and our friends.

2) What have you been up to?

I’ve been up to the usual – training, working, teaching and enjoying new
experiences whenever I can.

3) Looks as if you had an excellent 2007. What’s in store for 2008?

I’m going to start the new year off with a fight at Strikeforce in Tacoma, WA versus an unknown, local opponent as of right now. My manager and promoter are working on the details. As for the rest of the year, I am
really looking to be a part of the USA San Shou Olympic Team, so we’ll see how that goes. It will be in Beijing, China in August. If not, I am also looking to fight in China on a San Shou or MMA card.

4) Who inspires you the most?

Many people in my life inspire me everyday, but if I had to tell you of two people that inspire me everyday it would be my parents. I know what they expect of me, and I work towards that everyday.

5) You have an upcoming fight in Tacoma, WA. How is training for that fight coming along? What can you tell us about your opponent?

Training is going great. I’ve been training since last year – LOL 🙂 I don’t know much about my opponent, so I am just training to better myself
overall, working on my weaknesses and perfecting my strengths.

6) Will you still be competing in such events as the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Pan Ams or Claudio Franca’s Jiu Jitsu by the Sea?

I will be at both events, competing and coaching. I’m not sure if I’ll compete at the Jiu-Jitsu by the Sea for there are usually not many girls at my weight. However, if there are girls in my category, I’ll be there and ready to go. BTW – What is the date of that event?!?!?! 🙂 I’ll be competing at the Pan-American Games, especially since it is one of the biggest annual BJJ events in the US. In addition, I’m always looking for sponsors to help me at such events.

7) In addition to training with Cung Le, are you still training with “El Technico” Paul Schreiner, David Camarillo or Garth Taylor?

Yes! I’m still training with my long-time trainer/mentor, Cung Le at Cung Le Martial Arts in Milpitas, CA. I learn from him everyday. In addition, I’m still training with Paul and David. It’s great to have so many black belts in one condensed area. I am truly blessed, especially since I still have so much to learn. I aspire to be a purple belt by the end of 2008!

8) How did it feel to be selected to represent women in Mixed Martial Arts when you were on the MSNBC documentary “Warrior Nation”?

I felt extremely grateful to be selected as one of the women in MMA on the MSNBC Warrior Nation series, especially since so many big names in the sport were highlighted in this series. The outcome wasn’t what I had expected since I totally put myself out there, but everything happens for a reason.
If you don’t take risks, you’ll never get what you want out of life. Therefore, all I can do is learn from my mistakes and look towards the

9) As well as being of the most recognized female mixed martial artists, who else do you see making a solid impact in MMA in 2008?

I see many women making a name for themselves in the New Year in MMA. It’s
our time, and since the female fights seem to be making “Fight of the Night” on almost every card out there, I see more and more promoters seeing this as an asset to their organizations. We will see more and more female fights
highlighted this year and possibly an international women’s fight league!

10) Any last words? Seminars or training info? Sponsors?

If you are an up and coming female MMA fighter and would like some guidance, please don’t be shy. Send me an email at I will be more than happy to help you in any way that I can. As for seminars, I do know of
an innovative seminar by Eddie Bravo coming up in Milpitas, CA on Sunday, January 13th from 1-5pm. It’s only $100 if you register and pay online at before 01/12/2008. The first 100 registrants get a free Eddie Bravo KNOXX t-shirt!

As for my sponsors, I would really like to thank KNOXX GEAR ( and SCORE Clinic ( for being with me since day one. In addition, I would like to thank my coaches, Strikeforce MMA, Arte Graphics, Javier Mendez & David Camarillo @ American Kickboxing Academy, Krav Maga in SFO, Fairtex MV, Open Door BJJ and Lana Stefanac’s Team USA in San Francisco for all of your support throughout the past year.
For updated info, please go to or

Thank you!

Elaina “BEEF” Maxwell

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Maureen Shea Update

Maureen SheaFriends We hope everybody has a great month as the holidays approach. While Maureen has had a short reprieve from the ring, we have a lot of news and have been quite busy. There are a lot of exciting things going on and we can’t wait for the coming year. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Maureen recently spend approximately six weeks out of state working on a major project. We have promised to keep that quiet for a short while but know that all our supporters will enjoy it when the time comes. That project should be out by early January 2008. While the project unfortunately and effectively kept Maureen a bit busy, we are now working on her next boxing endeavor. Expect to see Maureen back in the ring by early February, and hope to set camp in mid January.

As many of you know, Maureen is a vegetarian. She recently completed a Public Service Announcement regarding her thoughts on the benefits. The PSA was filmed in California and it should be out in January. Of course we will fill you all in when it is officially out.

Robert Ferguson has been Maureen’s nutritionist for a while now. He has been an integral component and resource to Team Shea. Recently, his infomercial started airing. Keep an eye out for the infomercial as Maureen has a short clip in the airing. If you would like to know more about Robert Ferguson’s program, check it out at  . I highly recommend it. His principles have been a huge benefit to Maureen in her fight preparations.

Also, be on the lookout for the January/February issue of VegNews which should be coming out in late December and has a feature on Maureen.

Next Friday December 14, Maureen is scheduled to attend an event held by World Sports Magazine. The magazine is published in spanish and caters to the latin community. Maureen has been named their boxer of the year and will attend along with Juan Pablo Angel of the Red Bulls soccer team who was named their Athlete of the year. Of course, Maureen was on the cover of World Sports Magazine early in the year and it is exciting to see the pictures of Miguel Cotto and Felix Trinidad reading the issue with Maureen on the cover and as the main feature.

We wish everyone the best in the coming holidays. Thank you all for the never ending support and we promise to be in touch soon with more updates.

Team Shea

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Carina Moreno Defends WBC Title

Carina MorenoCarina “La Reina” Moreno (16-1, 5 KOs) defeats Suzannah Warner (7-6) retaining her WBC Strawweight title while extending her winning streak to eight in a row.  The fight started of fast for the defending champion as she came out with an all out attack, applying pressure as Warner stood her ground.  Fighting tough, Suzannah made it rough for Moreno, but the constant pressure took its toll on the New York native as she wore her down toward the later rounds.  Two judges scored it 100-90 while the other had it 99-91 all for Moreno.  Next on the list for Moreno will be Chantel Cordova (7-0 3KOs) February 23, 2008 at the Tachi Palace.

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Bantamweight Title Holder Sarah Kaufman

Sarah Kaufman MMA fighterSarah Kaufman, cornered by her coach Adam Zugec of Zugec Ultimate Martial Arts in Victoria, Canada, captured the women’s bantamweight title at Hardcore Championship Fighting’s “Title Wave” in Calgary Alberta on Friday October the 19th.

Sarah Kaufman MMA Fighter

In one of the two title fights on the evening’s card and touted later by many as the “fight of the night”, Kaufman defeated Josh Barnett’s Ginele Marquez in dominating style at the 2:33 mark of the second round with referee stoppage due to strikes (TKO).

About Sarah Kaufman female fighter

Kaufman brought an impressive and superior game to the ring with relentless standup ability and equally impressive ground skills. Marques fought with heart but couldn’t stand against the unyielding strikes Kaufman dealt out.

Attempting to bring the game to the mat, likely hoping for some relief from strikes and to test her opponent’s ground game, Marquez found Kaufman to be well prepared for that aspect as well.

Sarah Kaufman mixed martial arts fighter

When asked her thoughts on the level of difficulty, Kaufman said it was a tough fight and Marquez brought a lot of skill, experience, and heart into the match, nothing to be taken lightly. Kaufman stated that it was a match where a lot of things just worked right and played to my favour.

Sarah Kaufman fighter and coaching fight team

Coach Adam Zugec said going into the fight he was by far the more nervous and stressed of the two, post fight photos attest to his pride in his fighter’s accomplishment.

Sarah Kaufman fighter and training

Sarah Kaufman has trained under Adam Zugec for about four years now and works as office manager at ZUMA, , Zugec’s mma training facility in Victoria, British Columbia.

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FILA Women Grappling 2007 Results

FILA Women Grappling 2007 Results
FILA Women Grappling 2007 Results

FILA Women Grappling 2007 Results The UK took four girls to Antalya to compete, Under 48kg Lisa Newton, Under 55kg Kathy Gifford, Under 63kg Rachel Wheatley and Anna Mayne. All four girls got medals on the day.

The UK took four girls to Antalya to compete, Under 48kg Lisa Newton, Under 55kg Kathy Gifford, Under 63kg Rachel Wheatley and Anna Mayne. All four girls got medals on the day.

FILA Women Grappling 2007 Results

The first female fight of the day was Lisa Ward v Lisa Newton which went the full six minutes with Ward securing a three point hip throw takedown early on in the round and getting three points for a side control with seconds to go, Ward winning 6-0 on points. Ward then went on to beat Romanian fighter Mirella Melciv within fifty seconds by a kimura half way up the girls back! Due to the category having only three competitors it was a round robin and Lisa Newton beat Mirella Melciv 15-0 on points to gain the silver medal.

In the under 55kg division Felicia Oh got a bye to the second round, Kathy Gifford UK beat Courtney Martell USA and then Kathy fought Felicia Oh and was outpointed. Kathy then fought for the bronze against Christina Rodriguez and won to gain third place.

FILA Women Grappling 2007 Results

Ireland’s Aisling Daly under 63kg drew Tara La Rosa in the first round and was eliminated by a points victory by Tara. UK’s Rachel Wheatley beat Christina Raguil FRA and went on to face Tara, Tara beat Rachel. On the other side of the bracket Anna Mayne UK got a bye to round 2 and Christina Coats USA was eliminated by Lloudmila Soundovkova from Russia. Making the final an exciting match up between Tara La Rosa and Lloudmila Soundovkova, which I believe was the only match in the whole tournament to go to extra time, with Tara winning her division. Rachel had to fight Anna Mayne also Team UK in the bronze play off, beating Anna by triangle.

It was a really enjoyable experience, good atmosphere, can’t wait for the next one (which is rumoured to be in the US)

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Interviews female fighters news women's martial arts MMA

Marloes Coenen MMA Fighter Interview

Marloes Coenen MMA Fighter Interview
Marloes Coenen MMA Fighter Interview

Marloes Coenen MMA Fighter Interview Marloes Coenen is considered one of the top women fighters in the world pound for pound, having fought in Japan, the USA, and the Netherlands, grappling and MMA. Born in the east of the Netherlands, she is currently living in Amsterdam, working in Communications in the IT sector, and training MMA.

Twenty-six year-old Marloes trains out of the Tatsujin Dojo with team “Golden Glory” . Nicknamed “the female Rickson,” she has 14 wins and 2 losses, fighting at fighting at 65 kilos.

Marloes Coenen MMA Fighter Interview

Marloes took some time to answer a few questions.

Roxy: Do you have any brothers or sisters? What do your parents do?
Marloes: I have two older brothers Arno and Rob. My father is retired but is still working as a cartoonist for newspapers and as a soccer trainer. My mother is a part-time teacher for kids between 2-4 years old.

Roxy: Did any of your family do any martial arts or fighting sports?
Marloes: My grandfather was in the World War 2 in the underground. He was an instructor in jiu-jitsu. Both my brothers have been training karate, and my oldest brother is still training Thai boxing.

Roxy: When did you start training martial arts? What kind?
Marloes: When I was 14 years old. I started with jiu-jitsu and soon practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu too. Before that I was playing tennis & volleyball.

Roxy: When did you start competing? Why?
Marloes: At the age of 18, before I did grappling and jiu-jitsu fights. My trainer, Maritjn de Jong started fighting in Japan for Shooto and that’s how I discovered the world of MMA. He became the president of Shooto Europe and for the first show he asked me to fight.

Roxy: Is the reason for competing the same as when you first started?
Marloes: Yes, it still is. After surprisingly winning the remix tournament in Japan in 2000, I quit University and started with full-time training. However, I didn’t get enough offers for fights so I went back to school again. But every choice I’ve made since winning the Remix-tournament has been based on my MMA-activity. I became sick one year after winning the tournament, and have been sick for years. Still I kept on fighting in Japan, because MMA is in my heart. It’s what I like to do the most. I do not care if I can make money with it or not, if I fight in small or big shows…I just love to train and go out there and fight.

Marloes Coenen MMA Fighter Interview

Roxy: What styles do you train currently? Who do you train with now?
Marloes: I’m now with the team Golden Glory who also produces the Glory shows. A few
good trainers combine forces to form this team: the thaiboxing trainer Cor Hemmers
(who’s trained Sem Schilt, Ruslan Karaev, Alistair Overeem, Siyar Bahadurzada
(Shooto World Champion) ; also, Ramon Dekkers, Saki, Stephan Leko, Nieky Holzken, Challid Arab are a part of this team. Martijn
de Jong is responsible for the MMA-sessions. I started training with him since the age of 14 and he became like family. So therefore I know I will always train MMA. I also work out with my boyfriend, Roemer Trompert, a lot. He is a 3 degree black belt in tae kwondo and has been fighting all over the world before he started MMA. And I have been training a lot with Lucien Carbin, a thaiboxing legend.

Roxy: Who influenced you the most, whether it be a sensei/ trainer, or family member?
Marloes: That’s a tough question. I’ve never considered myself a fan of anyone. But I do have respect for a lot of people. From my grandmothers and my own mother, to Ramon Dekkers, to colleagues at my work. I try to learn from anyone. But for fighting I have a few heroes: Peter Aerts, Fedor, GSP. For the women fighters, Megumi Fuji and Megumi Yabushita, the latter whom I faced two times in competition.

Marloes Coenen MMA Fighter Interview

Roxy: What style do you like the best?
Marloes: MMA, no doubt. It’s the synergy of MMA what makes that I love it so much. Only wrestling or boxing or only thaiboxing…that becomes too boring for me.

Roxy: How did you first get to fight in Japan? When? What was the experience like? Is it different from now?
Marloes: My first fight in Japan was in November 2000 (in LLPW – L-1 2000: The
Strongest Lady- actually, a pro-wrestling show that held an MMA event.) It was the week before I won the Smack Girl Remix tournament. I’d just started University and came home to my parents on Friday. One minute later, the phone rang, asking if I wanted to fight In Japan and that I had to answer immediately. That was a big YES. My mother was kind of hysteric that I could fight in Japan. My coach was already in Japan for a fight. It was fantastic! It was with head butts and elbows (they lost the elbows finally) and I was so nervous!!! But when I had to make my entrance I thought, “You came all this way to Japan, now you’re gonna fight no matter the damage.” I fought and beat Yuuki Kondo, who later on became a friend of mine.

Roxy: When was your most recent fight, and what happened?
Marloess: On the 27th of May, in the Netherlands. Not much happened and I was done in a minute. (win via arm-bar) The girl was little and a little overweight. The height difference was enormous. After the fight I wondered what the audience thought of it. But I heard they were amazed. (I’m always a bit loony when I fight and do not notice what happens around me).

Roxy: Can you describe your experience with the K-Grace tournament (2007), the first all-women’s Cage fighting event in Japan? (She arm-barred Majanka Lathouwers, rear-naked choked Tama-chan, but lost the third fight in a split decision against Roxanne Modafferi.
Marloes: It was a good show for the audience. For me it was less good, because you won. I know why, but I do not like to make excuses. When you decide to fight, no excuses afterwards.

Roxy: Can you describe your experience with Smack Girl in general?
Marloes: SmackGirl are good people who are working with passion, like Kinya Hashimoto. I like people who work with their heart and just do it.

Roxy: What’s your most memorable fight?
Marloes: Megumi Yabushita, Remix finals (2000). I thought I would beat the little Japanese up. Not! She threw me for 3 rounds through the ring, hahahaha! I was so surprised when they called me the winner. *smile*

Roxy: What do you hope to accomplish as a fighter, and what are your goals?
Marloes: I want to fight more!! So I can quit my job and dedicate fully to training
and fighting.

Roxy: Do you have trouble finding fights? If so, why do you think that is?
Marloes: Yes, especially in the Netherland. In Japan I have fought the women of my height and weight…so I’m aiming now for America. *smile*

Roxy: Is there anyone you would like to fight?
Marloes: Who wouldn’t I fight?! I know I am the best in the world but not everyone knows that yet, hahahaha! So I want to fight the girls
who now gets the most attention, like Gina Carano for instance.

Roxy: You’ve won ten of your fights by submission. That’s impressive. Would you
say you always try to go for the finish in a fight?
Marloes: Yup, I hate winning on points and for the record I have fought more then 11 fights. 17 or something I do not know that exactly.

Roxy: You’ve also competed twice in the Abu Dhabi in the +60 kg division, first in 2005, taking third place, and then in 2007. What was that experience like, and how do you feel about that?
Marloes: Nice! I met girls who do the same as I do, and that is so great. I’m always training with guys. Even though they become good friends, with girls you share different things.

However, I do not like the mentality of some girls. Jumping guard, moving like a turtle. In one final, a girl was so afraid to fight that when she got one point, she kept laying in the same position for 20 minutes. Then you’re a fake. I think a real fighter takes risks and is thinking of the audience who pays money to see some spectacular fights. Megumi Fuji is a fighter
who just fights, who takes risks and has great skills. That’s why I respect her so much.

Roxy: What do you think about the current status of women’s MMA?
Marloes: Other than Gina Carano? She does a great job. I finally have hope that we women can become professionals. Pretty faces like Gina and famous faces like the wife of Randy Couture are needed to open the door for the women who really can fight. Everyone who’s complaining about the fact that they get all the attention..quit it and thank Gina and Randy’s wife. For the record, Gina can fight. And the wife of Randy has shown enormous heart after what happened to her jaw, respect for that.

Roxy: Do you have anything coming up?
Marloes: October, GLORY 8 in the Netherlands. In January, the Beast of the East in the Netherlands. Anyone who wants to face me…bring it on! And in the mean time I’m happy to come to the States *smile*

Roxy: Who should promoters contact if they want you to fight?
Marloes: Martijn de Jong from team Golden Glory,

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G-Shooto Announce First Bout for 1/26 Card

G-Shooto Announce First Bout for 1/26 Card G-Shooto recently announced their first fight scheduled for their January 26th card.

Kayo Nagai of Paraestra Tokyo will face Maho Muranami of Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokaitsu Dojo. Both Nagai and Muranami participated in G-Shooto’s Straweight tournament earlier this year, where we saw both eliminated in semifinals; Muranami defeated by eventual champion Masako Yoshida and Nagai losing a lottery after drawing finalist Ikuko Tamada.

G-Shooto Announce First Bout for 1/26 Card

G-Shooto Announce First Bout for 1/26 Card
G-Shooto Announce First Bout for 1/26 Card

G-Shooto recently announced their first fight scheduled for their January 26th card. Kayo Nagai of Paraestra Tokyo will face Maho Muranami of Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokaitsu Dojo. Both Nagai and Muranami participated in G-Shooto’s Straweight tournament earlier this year, where we saw both eliminated in semifinals; Muranami defeated by eventual champion Masako Yoshida and Nagai losing a lottery after drawing finalist Ikuko Tamada.

Kayo Nagai was Smackgirl’s 2005 Flyweight Next Cinderella Champion, defeating Yukiko Seki in August of last year to take the title. Since then, she’s drawn Masako Yoshida and Ikuko Tamada, and has only defeated an unchallenging Akiko Inoue. Nagai will need to look to assert herself in other ways than her strong wrestling ability, the cause of her inconclusive encounters with strong talent as Tamada and Yoshida, as Muranami has demonstrated a weakness for submissions while being able to last against fighters who don’t look to finish, i.e. Masako Yoshida.

G-Shooto Presents “Battle Mix Tokyo 01” Friday, January 26, 2007 Tokyo Kinema Club Tokyo, Japan Doors Open: 1900.

Tentative Fight Card (Card Subject To Change): Class C+ 48KG, 2R 5M Kayo Nagai (Paraestra Tokyo) vs. Maho Muranami (Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokaitsu Dojo) – Benoit Barberousse

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Gina Carano vs. Leiticia Pestova

Gina Carano vs. Leiticia Pestova WEF June 2006 Gina Carano later will become the female face of MMA winning the hearts of the fans of WMMA

Gina Carano fight stats gina carano MMA fighter

BIRTHDAY: 1982-04-16
172.72 CM WEIGHT
143 LBS

7 wins 1 loss

Leiticia Pestova


167.64 CM WEIGHT
125 LBS
0  0 KO/TKO (0%) 0 SUBMISSIONS (0%) 0 DECISIONS (0%)

Leiticia Pestova is a classical musician, professional singer and songwriter, dancer, realtor, mortgage broker, Rotarian, website designer, business owner, cage fighter, model and teacher; these are only a few of her many accomplishments at her young age.

Leiticia was musically trained by Joanne Jaffa, a record producer and manager who used to tour with Jim Tucker of The Turtles as well as The Crossfires. She began playing classical piano at age 3, and at age 11, she began classical violin, Irish music, fiddling, and theory appreciation at Joanne’s School of Music. Leiticia began to compete professionally when she was 12 at Music in the Mountains Scholarship Competition in California, and she began teaching classical piano and violin when she was 16 years old, supervised by Joanne Jaffa.

In 1994 Leiticia was asked to join the band CJA, whose members include Joanne Jaffa and Christine Adkins, another classical musician in Arizona. Leiticia toured throughout California, and eventually parts of Arizona. CJA has been recognized as one of Arizona’s best pop bands and currently has three CD’s, a music video and merchandise. CJA is currently working to open their own nightclub in Mesa, which will also feature the band on weekends. The location will be near the new Mesa Arts Centre.

At age 15, Leiticia moved to Arizona and attended Mesa Community College for a degree in business.

Leiticia began modelling at age 16 at CJA’s Film Studios in Scottsdale. She has won 1st Place awards for Best Model, Sponsor’s Choice, Favourite Model and Best Dressed. She has also been featured in FAME Magazine and Photo Shoot Monthly.

At age 18, Leiticia Pestova passed the Arizona State test for Real Estate and became licensed to sell property. When she was 19, she became a Mortgage Broker and also received a certificate in teaching. In 2004, Leiticia began the process of opening her own music school and finally culminated Musician Masters, LLC in 2005.

Leiticia is an active member in Rotary, an internationally known group of business professionals who gather together to benefit their communities through charity events, and community service.

Leiticia also began to study Martial Arts and Jiu-Jitsu with Steve Fossum, president of IKF and ISCF and Master Sensei. In 1994, she began film work and starred in the TV Program, “The World of Martial Arts.”

Also in 1994, Leiticia began studying free-style martial arts at Delgado’s School of the Dragon.

Leiticia Pestova

Here is what Leiticia has to say about her MMA training.

I started training in MMA when I was ten at Delgado’s School of the Dragon in California, then with Master and Sensei, Steve Fossum in California, then I trained with Michelle and Dusty Farrows in Phoenix. Below are some of the point tournaments that I’ve won.


  • 2nd Place-Young Adult Freestyle
  • 1st Place-Young Adult Freestyle
  • 3rd Place-Young Adult Freestyle
  • 1st Place-Jiu-Jitsu
  • 2nd Place-Young Adult Fencing Division
  • 2nd Place-Women’s Fencing Division-A.L.D.F.
  • 3rd Place-Women’s Freestyle-D.S.T.D
  • 1st Place-Firearms-Young Adult-A.L.D.F.
  • 2nd Place-Firearms-Young Adult-A.L.D.F.

I was to have two fights at Rage in the Cage but both opponents stepped out at the last minute… so I’m 2-0 one could say.

Leiticia Pestova

My training partner now is Jacob Greenberg, nutrition expert, grappling coach and body-builder.  I have trained with many different instructors and fitness professionals, but the best two that I’ve worked with are Michelle and Dusty Farrows. Michelle, who is also my good friend, is Top Female Athlete at Rage in the Cage. Both her and Dusty have a mixed martial arts school in Phoenix and they are the best trainers in Arizona. Anyone who is a professional fighter knows their names and respects them, as do I.

Leiticia PestovaCurrently, five days a week, I train in cardio, free-weights, grappling, and pad work. While I was finishing my Associate’s degree at MCC, I took up fencing and firearms, as well as high-diving and hiking. You could say I’m a very active person.

I’ve had requests from fans to list my “training” diet. So here you are…

What I basically do is eat every two hours to speed up my metabolism. I choose from tuna, protein bars, Special-K cereal, chicken, vegetables, or protein shakes (that’s a lot of protein). I always eat at least 1700 calories and drink about a gallon of water every day. I’ve always had a figure that doesn’t like to behave and I fall prey to chocolate cake, so I have to watch myself.

Cardio and resistance training are key factors in my training. I follow my routine five days a week and eat whatever I want on the weekends. And if you haven’t already guessed, it’s chocolate cake!

I was offered two fights in Germany and New Zealand from Jeroene from Martial Arts News Magazine. and I also am waiting for Rage in the Cage to find me additional opponents. I was also offered to become a comic-book character named Trinity (which is my cage name). Anyone who wants to see pictures can view them on my last page on my website.

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Women’s MMA Class in Lake Forest, CA

Women's MMA Class in Lake Forest, CA
Women’s MMA Class in Lake Forest, CA

Women’s MMA Class in Lake Forest, CA Debi Purcell ALL Women’s MMA Class in Lake Forest, CA Debi is happy to start teaching again! She is teaching an All Women’s MMA Class at the new LA Boxing in Lake Forest, CA on Friday evenings. Classes are from 5:30-6:30pm.

Women’s MMA Class in Lake Forest, CA

**Debi will also be featured this Friday on KLAS

“The Real Richard Radio Show” on KLAS FM 6.30 Pacific Time Debi Purcell known as one of the worlds best 135 lb women’s MMA fighter will be teaching the class so ladies come on down and learn from the best! Fighter girls fitness and Fighter girls martial arts


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Smack Girl – Kyoko Takeuchi

Smack Girl - Kyoko Takeuchi
Smack Girl – Kyoko Takeuchi

Smack Girl – Kyoko Takeuchi Who doesn’t love Kyoko? She was an amazing help to Debi and the fightergirls staff, and we simply cannot thank her enough.

Kyoko ownes SMG Super Gals Mix in Tokyo and is a competitor herself.

Smack Girl – Kyoko Takeuchi







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