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TFA’s First Female Bout

TFA's First Female BoutUpdate: TFA 8 was scheduled to have their first female fight this past Saturday: Melanie La Croix vs. Caroline Williams. It was a ‘No Go’ due to not making weight. Is this becoming a common occurence in Female Fighting? Richard Rasmussen, TFA’s Director of Operations, comments on the situation.

“The fight was set for 125lb and Melanie La Croix came in way over.  Melanie came in at 131 and Caroline Williams came in at 123.  The California State Athletic Commission would not allow the 8lb difference.  The Commission only allows a 7lb difference in that weight class.  TFA is highly disappointed.  All of our fighters are pro, their job is to make weight and step in that cage.  We feel very sorry for Caroline who trained for months and was ready to fight.”



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