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GINA CARANOWhether YOU consider her the “FACE OF FEMALE MMA”, she definitely is being marketed as such according to Jeff Sherwood, founder of But is she the best ‘pound-for-pound’ female mma fighter? Sherwood seems to imply no, throwing out names such as Tara LaRosa and Debi Purcell; and Gina Carano doesn’t claim to be “The Poster Girl of the Sport” as heard Friday on “THE SAVAGE DOG SHOW” on Sherdog Radio.

“Whether I’m the POSTER GIRL or not, I want to have the best career that I can…I’m trying my best and I’m learning,” states Carano.

After a big win over Tonya Evinger in Elite XC, Carano definitely has a lot of eyes on her. Although somewhat new to the ground game, Gina earned her first submission win over Evinger. “It was ironic in that Tonya talked about beating me at my own game (stand-up) and it felt so good to beat her at her game via choke.”

While Female MMA continues to grow in popularity with Carano at the forefront, Sherwood referred to a recent statement made by DANA WHITE when asked when we would see female MMA in the UFC,

“Probably never…Female MMA is weak and unentertaining and the‘poster girl’ can’t even make weight for 95% of her fights which is a clear indication of how women don’t take the sport seriously.”

Gina felt that this statement was a little harsh and uncalled for. Dana was clearly referring to the difficulty Gina’s been having making weight for her recent fights, she was .1 pounds over in her fight with Evinger. Sherwood went on to question whether Carano should go up a weight class. “I need to get more disciplined and possibly hire a nutritionist. I feel healthy at 150 and in shape at 145, there is no need for me to go up in weight,” Carano responds. “People were upset because I made the whole ‘period’ comment but it is a different factor that men don’t have to deal with…it’s very interesting to deal with but it’s not an excuse.”

What’s next for Gina? As the pressure seems to be building on Gina, it only “inspires” her to fight harder and show people what she’s capable of and to keep going. Is she the “FACE OF FEMALE MMA”? Time will tell. “Whether it’s me or another female fighter, Dana White will see. The ball is rolling and it’s TOO LATE to deny it’s popularity…too many people are already into Female MMA.”

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