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The “Fast Eddie” Trinity Memorial Scholarship

Danielle ParliamentMeet Danielle Parliament, the winner of the “Fast Eddie” Trinity Memorial Scholarship.

In January 2010, the MMA community lost a very dear friend and a huge supporter of female MMA. Eddie Constantine left a legacy that needed to be continued to support the females in MMA and BJJ.

Trinity Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, founded by Lana Stefanac and Sam Wilson, decided the best thing they could do was to offer a full ride scholarship to train and compete in MMA…..the “Fast Eddie” Trinity Memorial Scholarship. After reviewing numerous applications, Lana and Sam decided to choose Danielle Parliament (pictured).

Danielle Parliament is a 21 year old female from Livermore, CA. She has an amazing boyfriend of 6 years, James Hough, who is also an MMA fighter. They have 2 cute, but vicious, “puggles” (half pug/half beagle). Danielle is a makeup artist and works at a makeup studio in Blackhawk. She loves art and is very passionate about what she does.

Danielle stated it’s been fun and exciting discovering and getting into the world of MMA. She says she has a lot on her plate right now, but she enjoys staying busy and that she is a very dedicated person when it comes to the things she really wants the most.

Danielle has been training for a little less than a year with the help of James. He’s been training MMA for a few years. One day he asked if he could practice a few sweeps and submissions on her that he learned at practice. From then on she grew more interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and found herself asking and wanting to know more. They have mats in their house covering the living room floor.

Danielle has also practiced cardio kickboxing classes, which she feels will help jumpstart to hitting and throwing kicks. Danielle recently changed employment which now allows her to train in Oakland with Trinity Jiu Jitsu under Lana Stefanac. Danielle says Lana is an amazing coach and that she feels so lucky and honored to be a part of her team.

Danielle says, “I think women don’t get enough credit for how hard we work too. This sport is so amazing why should women miss out? I’m sure there are so many strong ones out there that could be such entertaining fighters too. I respect all woman that fight, it takes a lot mentally and physically. I want to see woman’s MMA grow larger and the way I can support that is to contribute.”

Danielle looks to the future and her goals in fighting, “Every time I learn something new I’m improving myself. When you get better day by day, that’s achieving certain goals to me. It’s the small goals that build and lead to achieving the big ones. A long term goal for me is receiving my black belt in BJJ. And everyday I do learn more, not just about fighting, but a lot about myself. I want to build myself to be the best well rounded fighter that I can be. I feel I have the drive to be in this sport.”

When asked why she wanted to do MMA, Danielle replied, “I want to fight because this is what I want to do. I’m not much of a talker, especially when it comes to explaining yourself. Fighting, I don’t have to explain anything. I like pushing myself to be the best at what I enjoy. So my plan is to do just that, work as hard as I can, enjoy the journey it will be, always stay dedicated, and not care what anyone thinks because this is what I want.”

Along with the Scholarship, Danielle will have her first amateur fight towards the end of this year, she shared her thoughts regarding her first step in the cage, “Excited. I’ll be stoked, because it will be my first test, the very beginning to my whole journey in the MMA world. It’ll be fun either way because I enjoy this sport. So I’ll take everything I can from each fight and always push forward.”

“I want to thank Trinity for the training and coaching and Tussle Fight Gear for supplying my fight gear. And I want everyone to be looking out for an awesome 145-lbs female hitting the cage in 2010.”

“Thank you Eddie for bringing Female MMA to the forefront and to Trinity for helping to keep his vision alive.”

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