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They call it a sisterhood

Princess of Pain“New Zealand and Australian women are like sisters we work together to make the area strong,” Belinda Dunne, promoter of Primetime Events explains. “Although the events are run in New Zealand we have equal number of fighters from Australia, and our current MMA champ is Fiona Muxlow, an Australian Women.”

“Princess of Pain- Australia vs New Zealand”, taking place November 3rd, will be a Thai Fighting Team event. Each fighter is fighting for her country, a win being a point for her team and a loss being a point to the other.

Dunne believes the bond between the two countries’ female MMA fighters will make the event one to watch.

“New Zealand, as mentioned earlier is like a little sister to Aussie. We love them yet are driven to beat them at the same time,” she said. “Aussie will be the same and this fight night will be a lot of fun for that reason.”

The previous event that Primetime Events promoted, “Australian Knockouts” was the first Female MMA event of its kind in the country. As Dunne explains it was a positive experience that gave them the desire to build a female MMA league.

“Australian Knockouts was the first competition to ever be run here. Having said that, what is very positive for us and why we want to build an MMA league is there are a large number of women who are keen on giving it a go,” she said. “They will be novice in the sense that they have not had an opportunity to fight in the MMA format, but they have well-developed stand-up and ground skills. That given, this opportunity will turn them into a good MMA fighter.”

When asked to name a few of the top female fighters in Australia and New Zealand, Dunne did not hesitate.

“Michelle Preston is amazing. We are lucky to have her.”

“Fiona Muxlow makes me proud and the audience screams every time she fights (she is only held back from fighting in November as we are looking for a fight for her in America the same month).”

“Karen Lynch is some-what a ‘legend’ and will be in our ring for the first time. Tracy Polglase, I’ve heard has the potential to give Michelle a hard time and I welcome seeing a good fight from her.”

Dunne also noted some of the outstanding performances, from Australian Knockouts.

“(Thai) Leighann Banham made the finals in the Thai a very heated and close match. I would hate to have been a judge for that one.”

“(Thai) Angela Bennett impressed me. She nearly gave the champ trouble in the first round (not expected but we will never underestimate her again).”

“(MMA) Carla Mayer is some-one who sticks in my head. The girl is calm, focused and kind. She can knock a girl out in 40 seconds and spend the next 2 minutes picking her up.”

“(MMA) Shona Minns, to me shows real promise. As the most novice, her bravery in being their at all left me in awe (she had a whole 2 weeks notice and it was her first fight).”

“(MMA) Peta Radnidge. I can‚t wait to see her when she is matched with fighters closer to her weight. She did well but the weight difference showed.”

Though Dunne says that the female MMA movement is in its infancy, she is excited about the potential.

“I have always had the support of an excellent co-director, Mel, and two close friends who are excellent male fighters. They help me a lot. But if you ask them how I cope they will say I go the full range of emotions sometimes. I am so proud of the fighters. It as if I am related to them, sometimes I am mad as hell (can I say that), that it is so hard on women. And a lot of the time I am scared as heck about if I am making the right decisions for their safety and fight career.”

“Right now I am as excited as a kid before Christmas! Finally we have a good number of fighters, our first TV series is coming out, our clothing range is about to go live, our DVDS are going on sale and American TV have agreed to air our fights! To top off all this I have made two wonderful friends in America who support my vision and are helping me get my fighters where they deserve to go. It is for the good of all female fighters. We are trying to develop a league built for women that isn’t interested in their arse!”

“As a matter of interest I have been friends with and involved with Debi Purcell from day one. Debi is a busy lady but does her best to stay in touch and support.”

“I am very team motivated. I really rely on those around me to support and guide my decisions. I don’t know nearly enough to do this on my own and most of my decisions are a team effort and are polled amongst more experienced fighters and promoters. Having said that, what I lack in knowledge I make up for in drive and you can bet your house on the fact that women are going to have a strong league soon.”

“So support us or get out of our way as the Primetime Group is about to send a strong message to the World! It’s our skill that makes us a success not our arse.”

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