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Tiffany VanSoest’s Wave of Fury

Tiffany VanSoest’s Wave of Fury
Tiffany VanSoest’s Wave of Fury

Tiffany VanSoest’s Wave of Fury Tiffany VanSoest The newly crowned US Muay Thai Association California Featherweight champion is ready to take China and the MMA world by storm.

Competition has always been in US Muay Thai California Featherweight champion Tiffany VanSoest’s blood. She started karate at age eight, and after getting her black belt and competing in tournaments, she decided she needed a new challenge, and started Muay Thai kickboxing.

Tiffany VanSoest’s Wave of Fury

VanSoest talked about her future goals and her trip this week to China to compete. She says training with guys is a huge advantage when she transitions to the ring.

“I spare the guys the same way I would spare a girl; if not harder,” VanSoest explained. “You got to try harder. You have to take a punch better. They definitely bring out the best in me. Training with them consistently when I face another woman, it just gives me more of an advantage I think.”

One of her hobbies does help her in training for fights. VanSoest is a surfer and admits it helps with her balance. She has surfed all over the world including Australia.

Tiffany VanSoest’s Wave of Fury

“I am a Southern California sunshine girl,” VanSoest stated proudly.

VanSoest says that MMA is in her near future. She has been training in grappling, and is hoping to get an amateur fight under her belt this year, hopefully for the Tuff-N-Uff organization in Vegas.

“I am probably going to do one amateur fight to see where I am at, and then base it off of that. See if I am ready, what I need to work on, patch up any holes in my game, and work with my trainers and coaches to see where it goes.”

VanSoest’s won her California featherweight crown this past November and jumped at an opportunity to compete in China. She says that her opponent is a great match for her.

“She has a karate style, somewhat similar to mine. I like what I see. It’s going to be a good fight.”

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