UFC Breaking News Stories

UFC Breaking News Stories

UFC Breaking News Stories

UFC Breaking News Stories

UFC Breaking News Stories UFC announces new female trainer. Cindy Dandois hits the U.S. Plus Vera vs. Couture in Strikeforce?

It was a wild day as three major women’s mma stories hit the internet. Jessi Taran (a.k.a. ‘Helen von Mott’ pictured left) has just been hired by the UFC gym to be the head instructor for the Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program, at their very first training facility – opening this November in Concord, CA.

The black belt in charge of the over-all BJJ program (both male and female) has yet to be disclosed. Taran intends to continue to assist Diogo Gomez with his classes at the Bladium in Alameda, and as of this week, will be leading her own class on Wednesday nights, starting at 7pm pacific time, until her duties at the new UFC facility commences.

UFC Breaking News Stories

“Sportsgeeks” and Fightergirls has confirmed that Cindy Dandois will make her U.S. debut in New York this coming December in the M-1 promotion. Her match will be a special attraction to the finals of the international team mma tournament. Dandois wasn’t at liberty to say who her opponent was, but stated it was “Someone we all know.”

Finally several internet sources are reporting that Kerry Vera will be facing Kim Couture in November. It is rumored that the event will happen Nov. 20, just a week before the husbands (or in Kim’s case soon to be ex-husband) face each other in the UFC.

This could be the third card come in the month, after Strikeforce announced the Nov. 6 “Challenger’s” card in Fresno, CA, which will feature Zolia Frausto; and the Nov. 7 CBS card in Chicago, which will feature Fedor Emelianenko verses Brett Rogers.

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