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SMACKGIRLAs this seventh year of Smack Girl draws to a close, thirty second ground limit rule has finally been abolished. However, strikes to the face while on the ground remain prohibited.

In the 52 kilo Light Weight title match, Su Hi Ham (Korea /CMA KOREA) challenges Yuka Tsuji (ANGRA).
“Since I have this chance to fight a title match in Japan, I’m working like crazy,” Su Hi Ham had said.
When asked her impression of Su Hi Ham, Tsuji replied, “She’s young!” with only a laugh and big smile.

Five other matches have been annouced:
Megumi Yabushita (Free) vs Lana Stefanac (Ladies of Pain)
Saori Ishioka (Zenmichikai dojo) vs Thricia Poovey (DeLuca’s Combat Academy)
Madoka Okada (Angra) vs Shawn Tamaribuchi (Ladies of Pain)
Satoko Shinashi (Free) vs Ann (Thai / tiger muay-thai gym)
Megumi Fuji (AACC) vs Nagano Mika (S-KEEP)

Emi Fujino (Keishukai GODS) will face V Hajime (Mask Jiu-jitsu). Previously injured badly in a car accident, Fujino had to withdraw from the MMA scene for two years, but now jumped back into fighting with a passion. After rehabilitation, she reemerged in November 2006’s Smackgirl and now is on a role with five consecutive wins. V is the winner of the Smack Girl Next Cinderella Tournament.

Lana “Lethal” Stefanac is the runner up of the Abu Dhabi’s 67 kilo and above class、with an MMA record of 4-0. Yabushita is getting her well-known wish to fight “much larger fighters.” She’ll have her hands full with Lethal Lana, who, weighing in at about 95 kilos (210 lbs), packs power and skill along with weight. “I want to show the crowd a good time, that even a woman can come this far,” the 35 year old Japanese fighter commented. Yabushita’s team “Tomoegumi” that she ran with Yoko Takahashi officially closed November 30th, giving Yabushita the title “free” fighter.

Poovey, the formar KOTC champion, lost to Tsuji in Smack Girl in April earlier this year. Now she’ll battle Ishioka, who commented, “I’m nervous because I’m facing a foreigner, but I’ll fight with all my might!”

Smack Girl predicts Okada vs Shawn Tamaribuchi will be to be a stand-up fight since Okada’s base is karate. Newcommer Tamaribuchi’s record is relatively unimpressive at 0-2, one of which was arguably a premature stoppage. This fighter is working to make a name for herself, training Muai Thai, BJJ and MMA. Okada, keeping a straight, blank face in front of a large gathering of press, stated that she’s practicing hard for the fight.

Shinashi commented, “As for me who’s relatively small, I want to show a good fight.”

Nagano, who had taken fourth place in the 2002 Wrestling Queen Cup Tournament, is making her debut against Megumi Fuji. “I’m nervous, but I want to show what I’m made of, even if it’s only one good thing at a time.” To which Fuji responded, “I won’t be thinking about how it’s her debut fight, but as usual will go for a submission or KO.”

Finally, Smack Girl has been and will continue cooperation with Australia’s MMA event XPLOSION. This brought Smack Girl Asha “the Basha” Ingeneri vs Rin Nakai this past September.

Smack Girl plans to hold five events in 2008 in Korakuen Hall. So far, the dates are 2/14th, 4/25th, 7/24th. 9/21st, and 12/18th. The 2008 World Remix Tournament open weight and light weight event will be in February, April will have the semi-finals, and finals will be in July.

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