Valerie Coolbaugh – One Tough Mother

Valerie Coolbaugh – One Tough Mother

Valerie Coolbaugh – One Tough Mother

Valerie Coolbaugh – One Tough Mother Being a mma fighter is tough. The training, dedication, and the matches themselves can take its toll on your body and mind if you let it. Imagine adding three kids and a career coaching cheerleading; not to mention marathon running. Call her a superwoman, but Valerie Coolbaugh takes on all challenges.

Valerie Coolbaugh – One Tough Mother

On Fighter girls news this week,Valerie Coolbaugh discussed juggling her life and her MMA career, which a lot of times has its advantages. One thing she recognizes is that marathon running has been helping her stay strong in the cage.

“My cardio is the very, very toughest thing that I have,” Coolbaugh explains. “I have yet to get tired in a fight, and my recover is so quick on the top of that; the one minute in between rounds. With that one minute break in between rounds I am ready to go full speed again.”

Coolbaugh learned from an early age to be tough from her parents, and that shows up in her fighting life. A lot of fighters have a tendency to not want to face top tier so early in a career, but Coolbaugh is eager to take on all comers. On only a few days notice, she accepted a fight with the number one 125 pound fighter in the world Rosi Sexton. Most competitors would be nervous about the prospect, but Coolbaugh was excited to get the fight. Even though she lost, she felt she gained a lot from the match.

Valerie Coolbaugh – One Tough Mother

“I enjoy fighting people that are tougher than me; that are a better skill level than me,” Coolbaugh admits. “I take pride in learning something in every fight I have had. I take a piece of every fighter with me. There is something to gain out of each fight. The ones that are better than me I am going to gain a lot more. There is always that puncher’s chance. To me it’s not about winning or losing. To me it’s about putting on a good fight and learning as much as you can from your opponent.”

In her mid-30’s, Coolbaugh is still going strong with women ten years her junior. And don’t expect her to quit anytime soon.

“I’m in great shape. I can go as many rounds as I need to go. I have a great chin. I don’t have any major dings or nagging injuries that cause me a lot of problems or anything. I’m pretty healthy. Now I am just staying strong to keep up with the girls in their early twenties. So right now I am going to be in it for a while.”

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