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Vera vs Couture Part 2:

Kerry VeraKerry Vera takes on Kim Couture on Friday night at Strikeforce Challengers 5.

As if there wasn’t enough controversy over the Randy Couture win against Brandon Vera in this past weekend’s UFC 105, the plot just continues to thicken as the days go by. I’m imagining fans will be debating this bout much like the Shogun vs. Machida bout and as much as we all have our own self-determined winners, this is ultimately up to the judges’ scorecards and we really can’t do anything about their decisions after the fact. What aftermath I can get out of UFC 105 that’s highly entertaining is on Friday evening.

Thanks to Strikeforce’s ingenious marketing team we can gather around for the first time ever in MMA history to watch the wives of UFC fighters battle it out on the Woodley vs. Bears Strikeforce Challengers 5 fight card. That’s right, Kerry Vera and Kim “Sugar Free” Couture will be going at it in a 135 lb. match.

Kerry Vera (1-0-0) is the 27 year old wife of Brandon Vera and a well versed Muay
Thai kick boxer. She’s publicly known as the winner of the reality show “Fight Girls” that was on Oxygen just two years ago. She trains hard and much like her husband is a powerful and accurate striker. Kim Couture (1-1-0) is the 33 year old soon-to-be-former wife of Randy Couture and thus far has two bouts under her belt. Her first match was with Kim Rose, ending in Couture losing the fight with a seriously broken jaw by the third round. She then moved on to win her next match
against Lina Kvokov impressively in the first round.

The drama comes into play here with the recent negative press Kim Couture is just throwing herself into. She made a recent appearance in the wrestling world for her on-again-off-again relationship with the TNA franchise. Critics are accusing Kim of not being focused and sticking to preparation for her upcoming fight. She went on to say that she was “established in MMA and should not have to sink to the level of fighting a ‘pro wrestler,'” which infuriated other female fighters with more experience claiming Kim is losing respect from the MMA community.

Will Kerry take out her husband’s loss to Randy on Kim? It is quite possible as Kerry is favored to win the bout even with Kim’s training with Gina Carano and the rest of the Xtreme Couture camp in Las Vegas. I will be very interested to see how this one plays out Friday night. Showtime Challengers 5 is scheduled to air on Showtime on Friday, November 20th at 11 pm ET.

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