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WinterFist 2008 Women’s MMA

Jessica PeneJessica “Pounding” Pene is on a roll and wins her solid 4th win by unanimous dec. over a very game and exciting Heather Basquil. Both girls came out to fight and fought with their hearts. Basquil the better Wrestler could not over come Pene’s long reach,Kickboxing or ground skills.

Round 1

The fight started with Pene landing a sweet toe kick to the face and Basquil returning with a double leg take down and passed to put pene in side control, Basquil started to throw elbow’s and Pene caught the bend of her arm with her foot, and started crawling out the back, Pene ended up coming out on top in a reverse
triangle position and punched and elbowed until the end of the round 1

Round 2 Basquil bum rushes Pene and takes her down again, Pene sprawls and they end
up in the ropes for most of round two with Pene trying to finish her with a triangle and finally getting the mount right near end of round two

Round 3 was more of the same with Basquil going for the takedown and Pene jumping
for a front choke, then pulling guard and gunning for the goo goo plata.

Giving Pene the unanimous decision for a fight well deserved against a very skilled and great fighter, Heather Basquil

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