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Women’s Grappling Camp Announced

Fighter girlsThe 3rd Annual Women’s Grappling Camp will be taking place at Big John McCarthy’s Ultimate Training Academy in Valencia, California on January 25th through 29th. Participants signing up to participate at the Gracie US Nations, taking place two days prior to the conference, will receive a discounted rate.

The camp will be led by grappling superstar Felicia Oh and assistant instructors Valerie Worthington and Emily Kwok (with guest instructors Krista Scott-Dixon and Lily Pagle). Lectures, demonstrations, discussions and gi and no-gi training for all fitness and experience levels will be available.

The camp is open to all women, regardless of affiliation or academy. Women can attend for three days or five days. Camp Options include attending for 3 days for $300 or 5 days for $400. For more information, check out the Women’s Grappling Camp website  If you still have questions, e-mail Alaina Hardie at

***Yael Grauer is an Op-Ed Columnist for MMA Opinion . She has worked as a photographer, journalist, editor, proofreader and English teacher. She also works as a women’s MMA editor for the Savage Science. Yael also trains in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

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