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Zoila Frausto and Michelle Ould Throwdown

Zoila Frausto and Michelle OuldZoila Frausto and Michelle Ould are ready to rock California. Zoila Frausto has been chomping at the bit to get another fight, while Michelle Ould has been begging to serve a beatdown. Both women will get their chance May 15 at the Warriors Cage – Meltdown in Porterville, CA.

Frausto, coming off a loss to # 9 ranked 135 pounder Miesha Tate is dropping down to 125 to get back on the winning track. Michele Ould hasn’t seen action since defeating Jessica Rakoczy via TKO back in October. Ould is on a three fight win streak. The two have been set up to fight before, but it never came to fruition, until now.

“It was a fight that never happened’” Ould stated. “I have been approached twice and it’s never materalized.”

Frausto says that she is eager to get back into the cage, and this time with a strong fighter such as Ould.

“I’m excited to get back in the cage, especially with a great opponent,” Frausto said. “Again, she has more experience, but the same amount of fights, so I’m pretty stoked. It should be a great match up. I think she’ll be a great test at my original weight class, she has fought some pretty good opponents and from what I hear she’s a banger and she actually might stand up with me, so I’m really excited about that. But we’ll see.”

Ould says she will be preparing for this fight hardcore.

“Like I do all my fights; train and push myself until I vomit,” Ould admitted. “I will concentrate my skills with Master Thong, a legendary Mauy Thai instructor, who I would depend on to sharpen my skills. All of my fights have been on a week to two weeks notice, so this would be nice. I like watching Zoila, but I would like it better to fight her.”

As for Frausto’s training strategy?

“I’m working on getting a lot more wrestling and grappling training for this fight and keeping my striking strong. I love that this fight is going to be at 125lb. I feel so strong and really fast at my original weight class. I was usually pretty strong in 135lb weight class, but I believe my original weigh class will fit me like a glove. Either way, I’m going to train my ass off to get to where I want to be in this weight division and that’s at the top.”

Going into the fight, there are several things that Ould says she is looking out for.

“Her toenails, and she is super confident,” Ould commented. “I would try something new to end the fight, maybe smash her and take a TKO.”

Frausto stated she has a lot to prove coming back in the cage, and Ould will be a great way to get back on the winning track.

“Ould has established herself in this sport and weight class and I will not look past her. I had a little bump in the road with Tate, and I want to get past it with this fight against Ould. I’m going to show my fans another great fight and I’m going to prove to myself that I belong at the top.”

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