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Zoila Frausto Pretty Face Fighter

Zoila Frausto Pretty Face Fighter
Zoila Frausto Pretty Face Fighter

Zoila Frausto Pretty Face Fighter Zoila Frausto The “Warrior Princess” invades Strikeforce in her own backyard.

Before the big fight Saturday in Chicago, Strikeforce has a throwdown in Fresno Friday. And the hometown girl is ready to make an impact.

Zolia Frausto is set to face Elisha Helsper on Strikeforce Challengers live on Showtime, and this week, she talked about preparations for her upcoming fight. Being trained as a striker, she has some great help when it comes to ground training.

“Josh Koscheck just opened a gym here in Fresno, so I have been working a lot of my wrestling and jiu-jitsu there,” Frausto stated. “He has two Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts there that I have been working with one on one, and just picking up as much as I can.”

Zoila Frausto Pretty Face Fighter

When it comes to her looks, Frausto does admit that it helps in marketing her as a fight, but wants everyone to know that she wants to be know more as a great fighter.

“I kind of value my ability more. What I can bring (more) to the table than the way I look,” Frausto explained. “I guess I am out to prove it’s more than just the way I look. I have to bring more and that makes me work harder. There are so many people that love to talk, and love to write, and this and that; the only reason why she is this or she is there. But you know; it is like I train my butt off. I am not here because this is the way I look. I think I am an exciting fighter. I stand up and I strike. And I’ll get hit, and I will strike even harder. That’s just me.”

After her victory, Frausto says there is only one way to celebrate.

“I’ll probably gonna have a pizza deiliver to the Sav-mart center.”

Fightergirls will have complete coverage of the weigh-in’s, as well as fight and post fight coverage of the Frausto-Hellspur fight throughout the week.

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