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Zoila Frausto Stands Victorious

Zoila Frausto Stands Victorious
Zoila Frausto Stands Victorious

Zoila Frausto Stands Victorious After the dust settled, Zoila Frausto came away with a victory over Michelle Ould, but don’t expect this to be over.After weeks of anticipation, in what was a match that the fans have begged for, Michelle Ould got her shot at Zoila Frausto at the Warrior’s Cage at the Eagle Mountain Casino in California.

Zoila Frausto Stands Victorious

I got a chance to talk to both combatants before the war in the cage started.

Michelle Ould’s

specialty is the ground and she makes it quite clear it may not be pretty, but is very strong and potent. Even though ground is her game, she would like to end the round with a straight right in the 1st round. She thought Zoila was pretty respectable and liked her previous performances, until Zoila accused her of being on steroids because she looked vascular and also said, “If that’s what it take to win, then be a cheater, I call it as I see it.”

Michelle was delighted because she was able to work cardio to really prepare her for the fight. Previously her fights have been short notice. Michelle says Zoila has a big Hispanic following and would like to show the crowd a solid fight. Michelle also stated that if she were to loose it was because Michelle herself made critical errors and that it would not be because of her opponents skill.

Zoila Frausto,

after her devastating loss to Miesha Tate in Strikeforce, realized that her ground has severe deficits. The whole time leading up to the fight Zoila worked BJJ at AKA in Fresno and wrestling at Fresno City College. She worked both offensive and defensive but concentrated on what to defensively to get back to her feet. “I will take the win any way I can,” Frausto stated.

After this fight Zoila would like to travel to fight but is very grateful and fortunate to have so many opportunities in her backyard. Zoila expects Michelle to come out with road rage and would like to shock her with a straight kick to the face. She believes that if Michelle drops her guard like she has done in previous fights it will surely go to her advantage. “You cant block my kicks and punches with your face, so I hope she has a better game plan.”


Round 1

The first 10-15 second fighters just moved to feel each other out. Michelle started with a kick not landing it with Zoila reciprocating with a kick landing it on Michelle’s glove. Michelle pinned Zoila against the cage awaiting the opportunity to take Zoila down. Zoila had great balance avoiding attempts for a takedown. Michelle slipped with her attempted suplex and slipped to the ground. Ref stood her up after Zoila threw some kicks and punches. Michelle quickly pinned Zoila back into the cage. Zoila threw knees to prevent the takedown. Michelle finally succeeded in taking Zoila down where she got her in quarter guard some punches to full guard where she put pressure on Zoila’s throat and was looking for sub while punching. Ref stands them up? Zoila kicks and they both exchange straight kicks in sync. Michelle gets Zoila against the cage and powers in some knees. Michelle throws Zoila again to the ground, moves to a north/south position, moves to attempt a guillotine and changes to kimora, end of 1st round, Michelle is favoring her ankle.

Round 2

Michelle starts again with a kick then front kick. Zoila returns with a kick to the head. They get some exchange of straights then Michelle takes Zoila down with Zoila quickly recovering to her feet, Michelle remains on the ground. Zoila attacks Michelle while she is on the ground with a series of kicks and punches. Michelle stands not being able to balance on both feet. Zoila shoots a front kick Michelle sits back on the ground unable to continue. Michelle gives a verbal tap at 2min 42 sec of the second round due to ankle injury.

After the fight, Zoila was very surprised that Michelle had more strength than the 135lbs girls she had fought. Michelle had the hardest kicks faced as of yet but admits they were slow and easy to predict. She was so grateful to see that both heart and her little sister both went home with a victory. Zoila stated is was kind of nerve racking worrying about her little sister and focusing on her fight. Zoila was very glad when the ref had them both stand up while she was pinned against the cage.

“Either way, good or bad call, it benefited me!” Zoila kept going back to what she had just learned in wrestling to recover to standing position.

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