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Zoila Frausto’s Take on Miesha Tate

Zoila Frausto’s Take on Miesha Tate Zoila Frausto talks about her upcoming Strikeforce Challengers match with Miesha Tate and her focus on staying undefeated. If there ever was a more focused Zoila Frausto, it is coming into her fight with Miesha Tate at the Strikeforce Challengers March 26.

Zoila Frausto’s Take on Miesha Tate

The undefeated Frausto has been under fire by Tate, who has been doing interviews claiming that Frausto has holes in her game and stating Frausto “comes off as cocky and arrogant.”

Frausto was on Fighter girls to talk about the comments and how they are fueling her in her training regimen. She said the remarks by Tate have been pushing her.

Zoila Frausto's Take on Miesha Tate
Zoila Frausto

“I have been using it as motivation,” Frausto admitted. “Everybody in the gym has been, ‘Oh my god! I have never seen you like this. You are someone totally different.’ It’s going to help a lot in the fight.”

Frausto also stated she has several photos of Miesha around to keep her driven to win. Although Tate has been quoted as saying that “She doesn’t think this is a good matchup for Frausto,” Frausto begs to differ.

“She is totally understating me,” Fruasto observed. “For me its like ‘Keep talking; keep talk.’ I am in the gym working my ass off. I’m a professional fighter. I got to this point from working my butt off, and no one is going to stand in my way. Nobody has held me down in 26 years, and I have been through a lot in my life. And you are coming to my hometown and keep me down; embarrass me in front of my family and friends? It is not going to happen.”

Although she will have the crowd on her side, Frausto hasn’t been favored to win the fight; unlike her previous matches. Frausto, however, is going to fight to the tooth to make sure she gains respect and a victory March 26.

“I have never been the underdog,” Frausto added. “(People are saying) in this fight she is going to try to smother you and she has so much more experience. So, bring it. Tear my heart out of my chest, because that is what you are going to have to do.”

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